Work Issues

The life we are living with all the hectic and difficulties from any matter that surround us, we are often in position to become a real emotional mess and to allow to the work stress, redundancy and job hunting to spill over into our relationships. As a prevention we can use a little bit support exceptionally in those moments when we feel that the things at work are a little bit difficult and you are feeling a little bit confused. We can take out our worries on the people that are closest to us in the end of a hard day.
When your partner struggles in work and you see him depressed about it, you will realize what influence causes the work to his life and by revealing this new part of him you will sense that you know him better and both of you are becoming closer now.

There are often cases in which one of the partners has good perspectives at work and do not want to change the place they live, but the other has found a nice work abroad and dreams for a change in their live. These differences can cause a lot of damage into the relationship. In the end one of the partners has to make a compromise and to step back in order to keep the balance of the relationship.

In other cases in which one of the partners has lost their job and have to seek for a new one, in the beginning all seems positive and both partners believe that this will be just a temporary discomfort of being unemployed.  The other partner often has no problem to offer their support and help with all costs for awhile, despite they think that they can manage it for longer period of time. Once the depression of the unemployed partner goes deeper and all the finances are enough only to cover the bills, a person who is used to have other things extra each month, will start feeling frustrated and their support will disappear even though they do realize that their partner does not fault for it.

Often those moments show us what is the real face of the person we love and how far we can rely on them. When a man loses his job he often becomes unattractive for his wife and he can sense it sooner or later.

To support a family and be a part of something important in the society or at work is a real nature of the man. Once taken away you will see how that man is converting into a miserable human being, which has lost his dignity and becomes unattractive even for himself. He feels like he had lost a bit of his manliness and often this is non-reversible process.

In those relationships the inability to be supportive to the end, to reject your non-primal needs for awhile in order to be of help for the person you were committed to, to resign your selfishness in order to keep the whole healthy, will cause a loss of trust, faith into the partner sometimes permanently.

The male partner will have a job sooner or later. He will take whatever comes to be able to avoid this tricky period of life that makes him so weak and inappropriate. In the end both partners will not have their time together, because his new job will swallow all his time and the quarrel will go on and on, for they were unable to create a real work-life balance.


Another issue related to work is to return to your job after you have had a baby. Money is definitely a big issue in the relationship the same is going back to work after a long period of time. Often when the time to start working again comes, you have to agree on work that it is not exactly what you want, but more or less you will need a job to support your family.


Reporting from London. Timothy Roberts

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