Win Your Ex Back: How to Keep Your Man Interested in You Only: The 5 Things Your Mother Never Told You

If you want to win your ex back and keep your man interested in you only, there are simple ways to get a man’s attention and capture his devotion.  Understanding the role of a man and a woman in a relationship is essential.  Initially, the man likes to be the hunter, and it is wise to let him be the aggressor.  Once you are in a relationship you want to build trust and respect.  But you also want to capture the heart of your man and keep him interested in you only.
5 things your mother didn’t tell you to win your ex back and keep your man interested in you only:
Be flirty.  Keep your guy’s eyes on you by feeling good about yourself and showing it to him.  When you speak to him be sensual.  Watch the tone in your voice – it should have a pleasant ring to it.
Be Smart.  A smart woman knows what she has and where she wants to go.  She sees the overall picture.  She doesn’t get caught up in the little bumps of everyday living.  She knows life has its ups and downs.  She knows how to pick the right battles.
Be Sexy.  You don’t have to be beautiful to be sexy.  A sexy woman is one that is self confident and arouses curiosity in her man.  If you feel sexy and keep yourself looking good and well kept, you will have your man’s attention.  
Be Cool.  Don’t hastle your man or nag him.  Men hate nagging women.  Don’t be suspicious or jealous.  This will ruin even a great relationship.  Be the person that you would admire for being easy to get along with.  
Be Sweet.  If you want to attract bees, get honey.  Sweetness is a great quality that will always elicit a naturally great reaction.  This doesn’t mean that you cannot have disagreements.  But even in their midst, if you can handle yourself in a soft manner, you will have much more of an effect.  This virtue will endear you to your man.
Be Real.  Stand up for who you are and state your case.  Disagreements are fine.  He will admire you for being you.  Men like to see strength and integrity in a woman.  Don’t try to be who you are not, because you will be miserable and anyone can see through it.  Accept yourself with all your faults as well as your virtues, and let him see you.  If you want a real man, you have to be a real woman.  

If you want to win your ex back and keep your man interested in you only, make yourself irresistible.  Keep the fire burning so that he will not be distracted.  If you do these things he is not going anywhere.

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