Win Your Ex Back: How a Woman Wins a Man – 5 Easy Steps

Breaking up is hard.  Sometimes breakups are over small differences that could have been handled better, and sometimes they are over major things, like infidelity.  Whatever it is, there is always a way back to the relationship no matter what.  There is no relationship that is beyond fixing.  If you want to win your ex back, there are certain things a woman would be wise to do.

If your man left you and you want to win your ex back, here are the 5 steps that will bring him back:

Keep Your Ex Wondering About You.  This is the time to cut off all communication with your ex in order to keep him intrigued and curious about you.  Let him wonder what you are up to, how you are thinking, how you are doing without him, if you are seeing anyone.  By letting him wonder about you, you are creating longing in him.

Go Out With Your Circle of Friends.  Your ex will hear that you are going out and will feel that you have been able to go on without him.  This will make him rethink the situation.  It will get them thinking about losing you.  No matter why he left, if he still has feelings for you, he will be able to work it out if he fears losing you.

Look Your Best and Act Your Best.  Make sure you are looking great in case you run into your ex, or so that he will hear that you are looking great.  Also look happy and confident, and let him hear that you are doing well.  You don’t want him to hear that you are depressed.  It is good for him to know that you are strong and can handle whatever life brings.

If You See Him, Be Very Nice.  If you run into him be very nice without making too much talk or being all over him.  Let him initiate the intimacy, and be receptive to him. You can make small talk and be friendly, and let him share his feelings in his own time.  Don’t be pushy.  Let him come to you.  

Talk About Your Issues.  When he is ready you can talk about the cause of the break up.  If you owe him an apology, this is the time.  If not, by now you both have had time to clear your heads and think about what happened, and you should have a clearer picture.

If you want to win your ex back, you have to be a woman about it.  A mature woman is cautious and patient.  Even though she feels with her heart, she knows she needs to use her head to win her ex back.  She knows what works and what doesn’t.  She doesn’t give in to her impulses and drive him away – she uses her head to win her ex back.

Are you ready to win your ex back?  Read this before you do anything and find out the most effective ways to get your ex back.

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