Why You Absolutely Should Find Your Confidant

We need a confidant. You know, that special somebody you can tell everything to – the good and the bad – and they will still love you regardless of everything else. The confidant is the individual that believes in you, who you are down to the core, and who will support you through the thick and the thin. The confidant is one of the most rare treasures today, because if you have someone who can lift you up when you’re down, who will celebrate with you through your achievements, and grieve with you when you fail, you are luckier than most folks in this world.

There’s no need to do this thing called life all by ourselves. In fact, when we choose to share our contentment with others in relationships, life becomes much more satisfying. When we become deeply vulnerable with others and express deeply what’s essentially happening within, we not only give ourselves a gift but we give a gift to the other person also. What could that be? It is the gift of being able to hold something necessary to another and take care of it.

A confidant will know precisely what to do with you when you require putting yourself into someones hands. Since they’re invested in you as a person and have no separate agenda other than seeing you be the best person you can probably be, they are going to take care of you in ways which many others cannot even access.

Not everybody is going to be capable of being your confidant. There are some individuals that will pop up and vanish in your life and that is actually the way that it's meant to be. Rather than forcing everything and gripping on to people who are trying to leave, watch them go with a genuine smile on your face. Keep the doors open, because more often than not they will come back into your life in some way or other. That’s the cyclical nature of how life works. If we try to grip it too hard though, well, we cut ourselves off from experiencing just how surprising life can be. But when we keep ourselves open to anything occuring, anything actually does happen.

Find some incredible loving people to surround yourself with in this life and you’ll be capable of doing far more than you possibly could on your own.

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