What Makes A Marriage Work?


Saving a failing marriage is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges that couples have to deal with – that is if they are willing to give the marriage another shot. The cause why marriages fail is that they lack the fundamental recipe for a happy marriage.

More and more married couples are finding reasons to still stay together even with the marriage on the rocks. It’s common for husbands and wives to discover certain things they weren’t aware of during the early years of their relationship.

The Cost of Filing for Divorce

It’s very inconvenient to go through divorce. Not only is it costly, fees usually start at $825, they also take a long time to be finalized. In Australia, it usually takes at least 4 months to get a formal Divorce Order.

Year after year, the divorce rate in the country continuously increases. In 2012, there were 49,917 divorces granted in Australia, an growth of 982 (2.0%) compared to 2011. Don’t let your marriage, your family become the next victim of Divorce.

To make a marriage work for years, it has to have the right elements to it. Of course, faith and love are two of the most important elements of a healthy and happy marriage. Shana Aborn of Today.com shares 5 more ingredients to a happy marriage.

5 things every marriage does need

Altruism: Couples who put each other’s happiness first are much more satisfied with their marriages than ones who don’t.

Friends: Some one-on-one time is nice and necessary, but you both also need the social outlet, companionship, and support of others.

Commitment: Total dedication to the relationship means you’re more likely to work at keeping it strong.

In-Jokes: They may sound like something out of junior high, but those pet names and silly secrets help keep you connected.

Rituals: Things like texting “I love you,” traditions such as going to the same restaurant on every anniversary, and nightly kisses energize and enrich you both.

Reference: 4 common marriage problems — and solutions, Today.com

There is no real secret to a happy marriage. The key lies in the both of you. What count the most are the things that you can do for your spouse and vice versa.

Divorce or marital problems shouldn’t be much of a threat to your relationship if you have all of the recipes to making your marriage and your lives better, happier and more fulfilled than ever.

Live a Happy Married Life

There are no big problems to a couple willing to keep their marriage as healthy as it can be? Save all the arguments in making your marriage better by the day. Create and maintain a successful and happy marriage.

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