What Is The Best Order In Which To Plan Your Wedding?

Regardless of the theme, the location and all the little details that will make your day your own, there are certain decisions you need to make as soon as possible. Before you book anything at all for your wedding, there are several things to consider, such as whether you want to have a church or civil ceremony, the date and who you may need to ask for help and when.

Begin by deciding exactly what type of wedding venue you would like to book for your big day. Across the country there is a wide choice of wedding venues Surrey being a county close to London may be a convenient place to begin your search.

Setting the date
Your wedding date may be determined by the availability of your church, register office or reception venue so it’s a good idea to make enquiries before making a final decision on your date. If you want to have your wedding on a summer Saturday, you may have to book your ceremony and reception venues a year in advance, read here for more information – some of the most popular places need to be booked up to two years in advance!
If you decide on a Sunday, weekday or winter wedding you may have fewer problems with booking ahead. On days other than Saturday, many of the core wedding suppliers offer discounts. However, this might mean that your guests will have to take time off work to attend so they will need to have as much advance notice as possible.

Styles and themes
Whether grand or intimate, traditional or contemporary, your choice of wedding style is something you need to be totally happy with, as you will be working hard to make it all happen. Decide upon your wedding theme as early as possible
Deciding on a theme for your wedding early on makes the rest of the wedding planning easier as it will influence lots of the little decisions as well as the big ones. The wedding theme may be subtle, such as a colour or motif featured on the invitations and repeated through details in the dresses, flowers, place cards, decor etc.
Or alternativley it can be very dramatic, such as a historical theme and encouraging the guests to arrive in period costume.

Either way, if your wedding theme is taken from something you love, it will make the planning more fun.

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