Wedding Souvenirs And Gifts

Wedding Souvenirs. Marriage is not separated from the party, invite family and friends, and give gifts. Not only you are rewarded with gifts counterparts. But as the host, you are also required to give a token of thanks and a keepsake that your guests can keep or use.

Of course marriage requires a lot of preparation and knick knacks. You should prepare wedding venue, invitations, shoes, dress, food, reception venue, hire a wedding planner if needed, and of course provide wedding souvenir. Everything is in need of funds and the number is not small. You and your partner need to prepare a lot of money. Entering into these posts. But there is also the option to reduce costs in order not to swell with invited guests and do a little simple party. However, that can not be denied when you mengundnag guests. You still have to give them a wedding souvenir. This is where the tips and tricks you need to do in order to be able to give gifts but do not drain the bag.

Providing cheap wedding souvenirs but do not look cheap is one of the tricks. You can use candles, toileters such as soap ( liquid or bar ), toothbrush, shampoo, toothpaste, as a prize package that can be taken home by guests.

Another idea is to give the towels that had formed such a cute bread towel, cake towel, candy towel, towel doll, towel flower and many other forms. Another way of presenting with choosing cheap wedding souvenirs key chain as a gift. You can modify it. Making key chains of woll materials, flash disc with a funny shape, super hiro shape, fruit shape, miniature icons of a country, married couple, a heart shape hanger, hanger with initials, hanger with bird head shapes such couple, a pair of elephant ‘s head and others.

The idea to provide cheap souvenir can also come from your home. You have a delicious homemade recipes family. Could be an interesting idea. Making syrup from the fruit material and put it in a unique bottle. You can make cheap , unique, and interesting wedding souvenirs for giving to guests.

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