Upholding Workplace Diversity


Generally, work environment ought to be treated as a useful element – a life form, so to say. It consists of different attitudes, functions, and duties, among others, that should work and integrate with the other for optimal functioning. Like any organism, one source of dysfunction, which can be likened to cancer, can bring the entire system down to waste. So one vital solution in managing this problem, is knowing the subtleties of workplace diversity.


Different strokes, for different folks. You might want a 5 carat diamond ring and someone else might want the loose diamonds. Everyone is different, especially in the work place.


 This is something that majority of the members of an organization do not understand and worst of all, tend to ignore for that matter. Organizational dysfunction is frequently the consequence of the negative suggestions carried by this situation. If, for instance, this persists, there would be no hope of turning things around and would lead not only to the downfall of the company or organization, but to each and everyone’s defeat. This circumstance usually makes it hard for the members of the group to rise up again and begin anew. It comes to be truly troublesome to assemble the pieces back and begin working as a general unit the minute it is wounded.


How we interact with other people depends on various factors—race, gender, age, culture, personality, preferences, educational background, style and a whole lot more. Each factor determines the kind of interaction or perception that we have with other people and most of the time, workplace issues and problems come in because of such factors. If not managed appropriately, the corporation may face its worst dream without a caution.


Then again, there’s always a way on how to deal with problems regarding workplace diversity. While we cannot eliminate the fact that we are different from one another, the least that we can do is to keep an open-mind, try to understand and allow the power of open communication to run among us. This effective and powerful tool gives us the chance to modify our perception towards other people, which would greatly help in the workplace environment. Let us not allow our misjudgements and wrong perceptions towards other people control our emotions and the way we interact with them. If problems or misunderstandings do exist, let us be mature in handling such and let us always keep in mind to detach our emotions when coming up with decisions. 


A secure and objective work environment for the workers is quite important to implement. This allows them to exercise their right to freedom of speech and at the same time become unbiased in handing out their ideas and opinions. Such working environment also permits the employees to bring out cooperation, professionalism, integrity and creativity amongst them which also leads to a healthier relationship and atmosphere.


Being employed in a diverse workplace might, at first, seem quite difficult and stressful. However, there’s always a solution for everything. Handling whatever sort of conflict in the most mature way fosters an effective organization, which also results to a strong organization, resistant to breakage and defeat.

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