Top 6 Suggestions For Newly Married Guys

Advice dries up once the honeymoon is over, but it’s still important to pamper your wife with flowers, custom jewellery and date nights, among other things. Being a good husband leads to a long and successful marriage.

The wedding’s over, the honeymoon’s done and you are settling into life as a married couple. The guidance given from your friends and family has dried up — and now you are by yourself. But life isn’t always a stroll through the park. Getting accustomed to being married needs some major changes in the way you live your life. Here are 6 suggestions that maybe no one thought to tell you about being married.

1. Keep the flowers coming.

Brides are often encircled by flowers at their wedding, but no one sends your wife their best wishes on an ordinary Tuesday in the desolate winter months. Making her feel special and appreciated is now your job. So send some flowers even if there is no special occassion. You like her day, don’t you? Make some effort to show it some days.

2. Never miss an occasion.

You know you will need to give her a gift and make her feel special on her birthday and your anniversary, but did you know which other days are important to her? Her definition of an “occasion” could be very different than yours, so be sensitive and stay alongside of when you first met and when her grandmother died, for instance — and always remember Valentine’s Day. She’ll remind you if you miss something, but it’s better if you do not need to be reminded.

3. Keep dating.

Simply because you ‘re married is no reason to stop dating. You just need to confine your dating to your wife and only your wife. But you still need to take the lead occasionally and plan special dinners at nice restaurants, buy great seats to the symphony and go see plays that she will like even if you don’t. Part of being a couple is keeping the feeling of love alive even as the days click along.

4. Never threaten to leave.

A lot of men threaten divorce each time something small goes pear shaped, but it’s smart to never say that word — ever — or to make any type of similar threat. If you repeatedly hang a threat over your wife’s head, she’s sure to take you up on your offer at some point. And the placement of the cat’s feeding bowl isn’t actually worth fighting about, is it?

5. Stay intimate.

Perhaps this goes together with continuing to date, but it’s vital to keep close contact, shall we say, up to speed. That is, give her what she wants as often as she needs it. That is not generally a difficulty for most guys, but it’s easy to get caught up in the office and home repairs and forget that marriage involves intimate contact as well.

6. Keep the jewellery coming.

You put a lot of thought into creating that special piece of custom jewellery for your engagement or marriage, but honoring an anniversary with a ring, pendant or bracelet is a great idea too. Your wife will treasure your wedding ring for evermore , but she’ll need new pieces to cherish as well. So don’t displease her by getting something everyone else has from a discount chain — or not getting her anything.

When you keep these pieces of advice to mind , you’ll have a happier marriage. These 6 things don’t address each problem, but they address very real situations you can avoid.

Petra Bierberg, owner of a jewellery design company , enjoys writing about designer engagement rings as well as sharing advice to couples and newly weds on how they can treat their partners with a special piece of jewellery.

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