Those Very Honest Moments In Broken Relationships

There are these moments during particular days where I have to be surprisingly and openly honest with myself about what I’m going through and feeling. I know when it is about to occur because I get this wave of power from the base of my neck down to my back and I feel my mood morphing and beginning to change. I once was afraid of it…the trickling feeling of water about dripping down my back. But in time I have been taught the simple way to sit with it.

What follows after is pure stillness. Deep in thought. Numb. I feel truth bubbling up to the surface.

Often we travel through life not realising that there are things under the surface. We believe that we have totally recovered or have moved on, but actually there are still pieces to the puzzle that must be put together. Perhaps Maybe it is one piece left, perhaps it is simply this moment where you have to sit right down and get quiet for the last time, or maybe it demands more of your attention.

There’s an interesting balance between moving forward and making the effort, whatever the situation may be, and starting to understand what is happening within. I believe most of the time when anyone is hurt and others recognise it they try and tell that person to pick themselves up as fast as possible and forget the past. This information, while intended to be helpful, isn’t really practical – because the same person who gave that information, in the same scenario, couldn’t possibly take it.

The soundest advice you can truly give is to truly not to forget as quickly as you can and blast forward, but to sit with whatever is going on inside. To let it all flow through you. The only way you can really understand what something really means to you, especially in a relationship, is by experiencing the result of things.

Have a truth filled moment.

Don’t run or hide from feelings that you would associate as negative. They’re life’s way of balancing you out. When you attempt to block them or manipulate them, you are putting yourself in a horrible place. Let life do what it must do in order to keep you learning and growing.

When the moment is over, then go on. Don’t try to change it while you are in it. Something is trying to talk with you. Open yourself to emotions and let them pour reason into your heart.

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