The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Prenup Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are a sensitive topic for some. Many people feel it is necessary since it will protect their assets. On the other hand, a lot of people also feel that it is unromantic or will only adversely impact the relationship. In some cases, prenuptial agreements can even end an otherwise worthwhile relationship. To help you decide whether you should get a prenuptial agreement, here are its benefits and drawbacks.


Primarily, prenuptial agreements allow you to protect each other’s assets. It establishes a road map for the future in case you and your spouse opt to separate ways. In effect, it helps lessen conflicts during the divorce and allow you to stay away from costly and extended litigations to determine who owns what. Prenuptial agreements also set procedures for concerns that may come about later on. In addition, it will assign debt, like credit cards and school loans, to the appropriate spouse so the other doesn’t have to share debt liability. In the event of death, it will support your estate plan to make certain that children from previous marriages or relationships receive what are legally entitled to inherit.


Even though the intent behind prenup agreements is inherently good, it is understandable why a lot of people think that it can affect a relationship negatively. Talking about the potential for divorce when you’re not even married yet can be awkward. Timing is also an issue. Some to-be-married couples discuss the topic of getting a prenup too near to the actual date of their wedding. This can be such a dampener and increase the stress one feels during this period. It also places a lot of pressure on the couple that it would be extremely hard to negotiate a fair contract in a timely way.

Who has to have a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements are not for all couples. But, if you have your own real estate, considerable assets, a sizable income, and more than a year’s worth of retirement benefits, consider having a prenuptial agreement. It’s also wise to obtain one if you own any part of a company or if part of your estate names heirs other than your spouse, for instance if you have children from previous relationships.

Prenuptial agreements can appear such a romance dampener. But the truth is, they can be romantic simply because they show that you care enough for your partner’s financial well-being even if your marriage doesn’t work out. It also increases your odds of having an amicable relationship even after divorce. To find more about prenuptial agreement, please visit this link

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