The 3 Commitments Of Love

If you make these 3 commitments to somebody, make sure it’s somebody actually special and who you can throw your heart into in a relationship. Why? Because these 3 commitments are quite serious.

I am going to never know you.

Make a guarantee to never know the individual you adore. What does that really mean? I mean, every day commit to learning about them continually as if they were somebody new. Date them. Court them. Be worked up about them. The worst thing you can possibly do in a committed relationship is fall into complacency and allow for things to get uninteresting. No, you should definitely fall head over heels in love anew with the individual you like. That keeps the fire going.

I swear to never need you.

Guarantee to never need them to be anything apart from what they are. In reality true love is loving someone for exactly who they are and precisely who they aren’t. When we start to look at the individual across from us and demanding that they change fundamental things about themselves, you know that you are heading straight for difficulty when anyone starts making an attempt to manipulate who you are deep on the inside. So don’t even be that person. Instead, celebrate your likenesses and celebrate your differences. That’s how you know you have something truly special on your hands.

I swear to rock your socks off each day

Sounds a tiny bit mad, and it’s, but love is lots of fun. Love is flowery combat. Love is lively and kind. If you attempt to truly bring something new and fun to the table every time you see somebody, you can keep the levels of attraction really high and always be having a good time. Sure, there will be times where you get involved in fights, but keep the attitude of desiring to rock someones socks off every single day and you will always growing with somebody in a functioning relationship.

So make these 3 commitments to somebody special.

Who knows? Lightning could strike.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Feeling ready to make these 3 special commitments to someone? Going through a long distance relationship? Dig into these long distance quotes for some perspective on how to keep your love strong.

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