Stop Hunting For Your Other Half. Instead, Try This…

Stop looking for your other half.


That probably does sound utterly contradictory to anything you’ve heard before, however searching for your “other half” unfortunately does imply that you are not actually a whole person in the first instance. It implies, that you really do not have everything inside you already that you need to live a very cheerful life. Isn’t life about actually realizing ourselves and who we are deep down within?

Instead, look for the person who will be your teammate. Look for someone that challenges you to be something greater than you’ve ever been before. Look for someone that believes in you and your vision, who is there for you when times get tough and who comes to you when they want support also. Look for someone who will walk right by your side…not your missing piece.

Because in life, things always appear and vanish. Even the amazing relationships that pass the test of time eventually end and you have to go on living your life. The individual that is going to be there for you for some considerable time would also wish that you wouldn’t be damaged to pieces when they are finally gone. So be a whole person who can love another in full. Be the best version you can be for yourself and allow another to dream with you on the way to change the world.

When you can work on yourself in life and find somebody who will do the same, then you can meet together as two entire lovers who appreciate and cherish each other. Isn’t this a far better way of going through life than thinking you are broken without someone there? Does not this open you up to significant amounts of growth and the ability to reach your total potential?

Find your teammate, you’ll be much better off. These relationships bloom.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Time to move on from an old relationship, start working on yourself, and diving into what life has to offer? Dig into these quotes about moving on for some great perspective.

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