Signs Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Are you afraid that your hubby could be unfaithful? How can you tell whether it is paranoia or actual cheating? Well, what follows are seven signs that your husband may well be having an affair with someone else.

1. He Avoids Being With You

This can be one of several signs that he might be chasing someone else. If you have found that your time together is almost non existent, particularly when you’re both at home or not working, then this can be quite concerning. One scenario could be that if you attempt to spend time together and he shoots off to plant himself before the computer.

2. Unusual Behavior from His Friends

His friends are going to be loyal to him. This doesn’t mean they do not like you. They might even attempt to keep a distance from you when they’re aware of his falandering. As they would probably prefer not get him into trouble with you.

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3. Privacy with His Cell Phone

Does he answer calls on his mobile phone before you in a calm manner or does he look akward and walk away from you to talk?
Ask yourself a simple question. Would he care if you knew he was speaking to a buddy on the mobile?
Unlikely. There must be a reason for this awkwardness. Possibly another woman may be attempting to contact him?

4. A New Password

You wouldn’t think that there would be a need for secrecy in a relationship especially when it comes to getting new passwords for emails or phones? Given this, red lights should be flashing on your cheating meter if he changes the passwords to his phone, computer and email. Doing so suggests he’s chatting up someone he really doesn’t want you to know about.

5. Hot Stuff

After being in a relationship with your husband as long as you have you must know his views towards personal fitness and exercise by now. Overtime, he may have just allowed things giveway.

A worry though might be if suddenly he starts spending a great deal of time trying to get back into shape. It’s likely that this is what occurred initially while you were both dating.

6. Half-Hearted Arguments

A common occurance in relationships is fighting. If all of a sudden he begins not caring each time you find yourselves fighting he may well be unfaithful.

This is because he may not find the point of arguing or trying to be correct as he may have already summerized that the relationshp isn’t worthwhile fighting for.

7. Cheater, Part Deux

Has he been unfaithful in the past? If so, he is likely to do it again. While in some sense you may have accepted that he had changed, or that this time it’s different, often it can be time for a bit of a reality check. If he cheated before he met you, there is little doubt he’ll be able to do it a again. If you feel he is cheating on you you must do something to determine the truth.

If he says no and you doubt him, you can take further steps such as tracking him or hiring a private investigator to watch him for a few days. It goes without saying that cheating is the single best way to poison a relationship. If you’re concerned about the man in your life, the seven signs discussed above are just some of many that can be potentially present in your relationship. If they are, there is a very good chance you have a real problem.

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