Sex Before Marriage

In a society where sex is overrated, it is almost difficult for people, especially the youth, to abstain from sexual activity. Sex as a topic is taboo no more. However, there are people who prefer saving themselves for marriage while others choose to engage in sex before marriage. Regardless of what society thinks, there are numerous pros associated with abstaining from sex until marriage.

One major pro of waiting and having sex in marriage is that you will not have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases. Most people, say teenagers, always get anxious after a sexual encounter with someone they do not trust or know too well. Testing for sexually transmitted diseases and worrying about your safety can be avoided through abstinence.

Another benefit that comes with abstinence is that you do not have to worry about unplanned pregnancies. Most girls and women who fall victim of unplanned pregnancies usually engage in sex before marriage. While others choose to keep and carry their pregnancies to term, others opt for abortion and end up developing complications. Abstinence is one sure way of taking control of your life and planning your future with someone whom you intend to spend the rest of your life with.

With all these advantages and benefits of abstaining from sex until marriage, others still believe that there is nothing wrong with having sex. This category of people are of the idea that it is advisable to have sex and know the capabilities or the shortcomings of your partner before you marry them.

It is true that sex is a beautiful thing and that it should form part and parcel of any mutual relationship. However, it is appropriate to engage in sex with that one special person whom you intend to spend the rest of your life with.

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