Save Your Relationship - Know the Warning Signs of Relationship Trouble


A lot of break ups come as a complete surprise to the person who is being broken up with. If only they had recognized that their relationship was not all smooth sailing, they would have been prepared for the break up or could have taken actions to avoid it. This article lists certain signs that could be warnings of relationship trouble.


Signs That You Are Experiencing Relationship Trouble


Is your relationship showing these signs?


You do not spend a lot of time together and when you are with your partner, you’ll are invariably arguing about something.

You don’t feel that little thrill when you see your partner, or that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart is absent. Yes, I’m talking about that smile on your face when your partner came into the room, or that skip of the heart when someone was talking about him/her.

Your sex life is practically non-existent and the worst part is that you don’t even miss it!

Your partner is more critical of you than complimentary or vice versa. The differences that you once enjoyed in each other are now just annoying.

You don’t laugh with each other any more but rather laugh at one another.

When your partner says that he/she will be away for work for some time you actually start looking forward to the time alone.

When it comes to making plans for the future, one or both of you are quite unenthusiastic to do so.

One or both of you think that your relationship is going through rough weather.

You have reason to believe that your partner is cheating on you (partner doing a lot of overtime at work, not being comfortable answering his/her phone in your presence, not being able to answer simple questions like ‘where were you’ or ‘who were you out with’ etc)


If your relationship is showing the above signs, then it is in trouble. The reason you need to recognize relationship trouble early on is so that you can then do what needs to be done in order to get your relationship back on track.


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