Powerful Tips to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

If you are involved in long distance love, there is an important thing you should know. It is not easy to make it work. You and your partner need to put in considerable effort to make things work in a long distance romance. Here are some tips to assist you.

1.It is important to stay connected regularly. If she is in another state or town, call her. If she is in another country, keep in touch with her through emails, instant messages, or online phone. Shower her with love letters. Make the effort to shower her with some gifts. Keep in touch in one way or the other. This is crucial in a long distance romance. You both should be able to feel the connection between each other.

2.A good idea is to let your guard down and talk to each other. Ask the important questions right at the commencement of a relationship. The most important question you should ask is – will you relocate if our relationship becomes more serious? A lot of people these days are looking for nothing but a fling. So, you should be careful before getting into a relationship. At all times you should ensure the girl is as involved as you are in making this relationship work.

3.   Try to minimize the distance between you by doing things together. Watch a sitcom or a movie together. Keep your webcam on and watch each other. After the movie or the show is over, discuss it with her. This way, you get to defy the distance and feel close to each other. One of my favorite long distance love poems explains this beautifully – ‘though miles may lie between us, we’re never far apart – for love doesn’t count the miles, it’s measured by the heart.’

4.   Don’t ever try to be controlling and bossy. Watch what you say. Saying something in person is not the same as saying it over the phone. When you are away from each other for a long time, even a seemingly innocuous word could offend your girlfriend. So, always try to communicate clearly with your partner.

5.   Trust your partner completely. Don’t question your girlfriend every time she goes out to have a drink or two with her friends. When you are in a relationship, you should love each other unconditionally and trust each other completely. At all times, you should not let jealousy come in between your love and trust. Remember what most long distance relationship quotes say – ‘distance does not matter if two hearts are loyal to each other.’ So, trust your partner.

6.   Talk about your future. If you just talk about your work, common interests, and other such normal stuff, it feels just like a date. Every now and then, talk about your future together. This builds a sense of togetherness and keeps you emotionally connected with your girlfriend. This is imperative in a long distance relationship.

There you have it folks. Keep these tips in mind and try to make your long distance relationship work. Stay positive – if you love each other, understand each other, and trust each other completely, you do not have to worry about anything.

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