Positive Approach To Save A Relationship

There are many reasons why relationships go wrong, but with a positive approach and understanding the warning signs, early intervention can help to save a relationship. Knowing the factors that men and women can do to potentially alienate each other, putting great importance on trust, bringing intimacy back are all steps that will help to create a stronger, more fulfilling relationship. With these we can create a deeper connection with our partners and revive the spark between us.

Where do we go wrong?

Psychologists have known for a long time that all human being regardless of age, sex or social standing, have a need for trust and security.  Finding that those whom we are closely attached to cannot or will not respond to our needs creates in us feelings of fear, anxiety, numbness and distance.  Such feelings can lead to continued poor interaction.

Three positive steps to saving your relationship

Restore the connection with partner – When our mindset is constantly in the ‘doing’ mode, it can cause us to become less connected with our partners. Over time, this may create a rift that can seem insurmountable. However, if when both are committed to a relationship, they will to seek out ways to identify, acknowledge, avoid or bridge those gaps.

Rebuild trust – Trust is very fragile and the simplest of reasons can break it down. It could be that the relationship is in turmoil, that there are unresolved issues of jealousy, or, sometimes, it is more a problem of perception rather that fact. In these cases it’s useful to understand the reasons behind  these feelings, and to learn behaviors that ensure mistrust doesn’t continue to be an issue.

For those who have trouble identifying the cause of feelings of doubt and mistrust, its wise to seek professional advice on how to save a relationship.

Revive intimacy – For most couples trust and intimacy go hand in hand. When trust becomes an issue in the relationship, then intimacy starts to disappear. Intimacy is not only about the physical connection between a couple, it is also about the emotional, intuitive connection. This is the cement that holds the relationship together, but can erode without trust.

There are a lot of reasons why relationships fail, but it is imperative to know from the outset that relationships require nurturing from both sides. If things are going badly, a commitment to working with our partners to reconnect can save a relationship – and be rewarded with a more fulfilling life.

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