Marrying Like The Rich And Famous

Ever dreams of a breathtaking wedding that makes you and everyone present feel just like they are flick stars? Well, you can take some hints from Red Carpet runners in where, how and when you set up your important event.

One good example is the destination wedding. As the name suggests, this sort of rite happens somewhere suggestive to you, or a place that provides a great background for your wedding footage. Tropical beaches and grand castles come instantly to mind. The sole battle with destination weddings is making certain that the guests you most want present can afford to come to your chosen local (and potentially get lodging too). Do the research on flight ticket online and present the idea to those hoping to attend and see where it takes you. Even Disney makes a great destination wedding – you don't need to plan something over the top.

An alternate way to make yourself feel a bit like a celebrity is by having an archetypal Fairy Godmother in your wedding party. This is someone (or one or two someones) who knows the right way to handle everything from getting grease on your wedding dress, to putting that one hair into best location. When you need to look your very best and have much less to think about on your big day, this kind of consultant is a dream come true.

A third trend in celebrity weddings that would actually save you money is a pre-wedding gathering. This is a less formal affair than a reception, often attended by people going to the rehearsal, but that list may be expanded to people who you could not invite to the reception due to space. Think light finger fare so everybody can socialize simply. A meeting like this often does a lot to appease any injured feelings as well. This is a perfect opportunity to rent a photo booth and have a little down time before the day.

Still looking for something with a touch but also that is great fun? What about including your fur pets in on the wedding? The sole precaution here is that your pet must be well trained and able to integrate into your plans without eating your cake or jumping on guests.

Speaking of cakes, the celebrity trend in everything seems to be ‘bigger is better ‘ – tall cakes, or unique designer cakes are very popular. These are meant to create the ‘wow ‘ factor, but that is also the word you’ll use when you get the price quote!

On a demure level, maybe something that is ecologically friendly draws your attention. Serve local, farm fresh food at your reception. Offer organic and vegan options. Think natural, replenish-able but still classy.

Really any one of these concepts can turn your wedding into one that is enviable by folk in the spot light. What’s most important is that it reflects you and your relationship perfectly.

Richard Barker is the founder of Photo Booth Florida, an entity that offers picture booth rentals from its web site in the state of Florida.

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