Making Up With Your Ex Without Begging

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Breaking up is hard to do.  We often feel terribly sad and lonely and the absence makes our heart grow fonder.  It is normal to feel this way, but it can cause us to make mistakes when it comes to getting our ex back.  One mistake is to beg and plead with them to take us back.  You can learn more about how to get your ex back here.

Everyone likes a little begging, they like to feel really wanted and needed.  But just a little.  Why begging doesn’t work is because it doesn’t change the bad feelings they have about you.  Your ex split up with you because their positive feelings for you have been replaced by negative ones.

You can beg all you want, but it won’t change their negative feelings about you.  They may pity you for begging, but just see you as weak and it will confirm they made a good choice in dumping you.

Instead of begging, you need to do something much more intelligent and powerful.  You need to have a plan that allows your ex to release the negative emotions they have about you.  Those negative emotions are what is keeping you apart.

It depends on why your ex left you, but there are several ways to get them back fast.  You need to follow a plan that includes steps that help them to let go of the bad emotions they have so they can get back to feelings of intimacy.  Go here for a free course on How To Have Loving Marriage Help.

A very good first step, if you wronged your mate, is to just admit or fess up to what you did that was wrong.  Do not try to justify your poor behavior with lame excuses.  Just fess up like an adult.

The next very important step is to let them get things off their chest.  Let them vent.  Ask them how they feel about whatever happened then LISTEN.  Listening to their feelings is what helps them to let go of their negativity.

There is a lot more to this strategy, but it will usually be a lot more powerful than begging and pleading with them to take you back.  You can take a free course on how to get your ex back in hours.  You can get a complete system about resolving relationship conflict here.

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