Long Distance Couple Relationships

You’ve finally met someone you really get along with, and everything seems to be going well. Then, the unthinkable happens; you or your significant other is torn away from the relationship due to school, work, family obligations, the army, or any other reason to relocate that may leave the two of you miles upon miles apart. While it’s certainly not impossible to stay together despite the distance between you, it’s not going to be easy.

First, consider your significant other. It’s likely that if it’s been good to this point that you both have similar needs in the relationship, but make sure they’re clear. Long distance relationships should only be if you seriously believe your partner and you have long term potential. One common thing couples argue over is how often they should call each other – too much or too little can both create problems.

Couples should also be prepared for changes in intimacy since you will no longer be seeing each other every day. Staying in a long distance relationship shouldn’t be a long term thing, but it can be difficult to survive a long period of time with no physical contact from your partner.

It’s important to also consider ways you will still be romantic without the ability to see each other often. Saying I Love You across a distance isn’t easy, but there are many things you can do. There are even things you can do online with one another, such as playing online games that let you join in with a friend.

Preparing yourself for any likely problems and what you and your partner will do to solve them can help make it easier to make the adjustment to a long distance relationship. A common problem many couples run into is deciding if they can trust one another. Couples may also have problems with communicating, though email, text messaging, web videos, and other programs make it easier than ever before.

The best thing you can do for your future is make sure that your partner’s needs and wants are met. It can often be a roller coaster ride to go through a long distance relationship, with many ups and downs along the way. The better you are prepared to confront these changes, as well as the changes you’re willing to make to make it work, the more likely that this relationship will work while you and your significant other are miles apart.

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