Listen To Get Your Ex Back

Most people want to get their ex back after splitting up.  And they think they have to do all the talking, promise to be different, say I’m sorry a hundred times, try to sell themselves.  You can learn more about Get Your Ex Back If They Are Not That Into You here.

But often one of the very best methods to get your ex back is to listen instead of talk.  Know when to listen.  Your ex broke up with you most likely because you did some wrong things, like had an affair or were too controlling.

Lets say your ex left you because they felt you were too jealous and controlling.  You tried to know where they were at all times, you were jealous whenever they looked at someone else, that kind of thing.   What happened is that their heart started to fill up with unpleasant feelings, like anger or hurt that you didn’t trust them.  Eventually those feelings replaced their emotions of love and intimacy towards you.  Now their heart is hardened towards you with negative feelings.

You can’t get your ex back as long as their heart is full of these negative emotions towards you and whatever you did.  To get them back, you must actually help them to release these bad feelings, get them out of their heart.  You can learn more getting ex back here.

One powerful way to do this is through listening to them talk.  You’ve heard it called venting or getting things off their chest.  This is how people commonly deal with negative feelings.  They have a beer or glass of wine and talk about a bad day at work or how they feel about what their boss did to them.  After venting for a while, they feel better.

Letting them get things off their chest is a powerful way to help them to let go of all the bad feelings stored up in their heart.  Yes, you will need to apologize.  But get them to vent first.

Ask them how they feel about what you did.  Then shut up and listen.  Don’t argue or defend yourself.  Let them blow off steam.  Let them dump their frustrations all over you.  Focus on making them feel heard and understood.  Keep asking them to tell you more until they are done.  Let them do all the talking, you just listen. 

If you can get them to vent a time or two, they will then have some room in their heart to feel good about you again.  Your apology will likely be much better accepted.   Get a free course on Love Advice here.

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