How to Win Your Ex Back When You Are Heartbroken

A Heartbreak is Like no other Pain

Almost every woman and man has gone through an experience of love and of heartbreak.  Even though men and women are different, a heartbreak is always very painful for either sex.  I have seen both men and women torn with grief over someone they love.  All you can think about is how to win your ex back.

When the person you love leaves you, it can feel like your whole world has really collapsed.  It is the “end of the world”.  There is something that happens that is quite unbelievably painful and brutal.  We cannot comprehend how we can even go on without that person.  

Sometimes a person leaves you without anything really happening and you have no idea why they have made this decision.  They suddenly let you know they want to end the relationship, that they want to move on.  You may try to convince them to see you again at least one more time, but they simply want to go.

You wonder how can anyone erase someone out of their life and go from being best friends and lovers to becoming an entirely different person, heartless and uncaring.  You remember their love and their words, and it can all be so unbearably painful.


How can you win your ex back?

Sometimes people have issues that they cannot deal with in a relationship, and they don’t know how to express it.  It can be extremely hard not to be able to get a real answer from someone who cannot open up, and who just wants to leave.  It is really hard not to be able to get any closure, but there is nothing you can do at the moment.

Even though it may seem extremely painful, the best thing you can do is to initiate no contact.  Give your ex time and space to be by themselves and face their own demons.  If there was love in your relationship, your ex will also miss that.  They may be facing other issues that they need to work through in order to be in the relationship.  

I remember myself having parents who did not approve of my relationship.  Even though I loved my boyfriend I could not deal with that and tried to sabotage my relationship.  I could not be in the relationship because I was being torn apart.  I left the relationship, and later regretted it very much.

If you want to win your ex back try to move on with your life by finding something you enjoy doing without them.  Don’t sit around the house waiting for them to come back.  That is only going to hurt you.  Even though it might seem impossible right now, you might start feeling better one day at a time.  

Go out with friends who care for you and make the best of your life.  It is often when we least expect it that things happen.  Who knows, you might have them knocking on your door before you know it.

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