How to Start a Conversation with Women

Many guys don't know how to effectively use great pickup lines, and as a result, pickup lines have gotten crappy reputations. For many, using pickup lines have either gotten them slapped, walked away from, or some other way that simply conveys that the woman isn’t going to give you the time of day.

Starting a conversation is important if you are ever to get to know a woman. You can use the right kind of pickup line to do this. A great pickup line is a great conversation starter, and great conversation starters follow some specific principles.

Really powerful ways to start iwith women are ways that ENGAGE her. Long lived are questions that pose a yes or no answer. Use open-ended questions. A great way to start a conversation you can keep in your bag of tricks for times when you are looking for something to say is to ask a woman for her opinion on something. This engages her in the conversation, and you can take the conversation through multiple avenues as a result. You can find out how to do this at: Conversation Starters

Don't start a conversation by complimenting her. Make sure your conversation starter really engages her into the conversation.

If being nervous while approaching women is something you go through, have a bunch of "stock" things to say when approaching a woman.

Every time I approach a woman (and I do it within 3 seconds of spotting her), I never know what’s going to come out of my mouth until I’ve already said it. Reason why is because I know several things to say to fall back on, and I’m really great at quickly observing a situation so that I can use a “situational opener.”

A situational opener is one based on a situation. Although that might sound obvious, guys many times don’t use one. Quickly observe the area, and take something you can ask her about that would ENGAGE her in the conversation. If you’re in a book store and she’s holding a book, note the title, determine the type of book it is (say, romance novels), and come up with a question to ask like: “Why do you think so many women like romance novels? What does a pick up line look like that captures the mind of a woman?”

Get the idea?

If you want to know additional conversational starters and other pick up lines that work, or even how to approach women WITHOUT rejection, check out: Conversation Starters

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