How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back In 5 Steps

There are several things to think about and assess when trying to win back an ex girlfriend after a split.

Next are a number of useful tips to try in order to get your ex girlfriend back no matter what occurred leading to the split.

Tip 1: Analyze the reasons why you broke up

In order to start repairing the relationship you first must unravel the true cause for the breakup. It may have been due to being at different places, either of you being unfaithful or a lack of quality time together.

No matter the reasons, or who you feel was at fault you must admit to the errors you had made while you were still together and accept the reasons you split.

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Tip 2: Make Shifts

It is important that you see to it that changes are made to let her know that you have changed.

Make it a point to display the fact that you have grown and are now more responsible and mature especially if this is one of the main worries she had while you were dating.

Much like with not having spent enough time together as a couple or if she didn’t understand how special she was to you.

Tip 3 Date Another Girl

Your intention mustn’t be to get back at her but, merely to let her know that you’re making progress in your life without her.

This can often trigger feelings of jelousy and the desire to want you back in her life. She might even feel that you seem to be more mature now and that you have changed to her surprise.

Again, the aim isn’t to try and date as many people as possible, but simply to show her that you can get on with your life, and are moving on, even without having her in your life.

Tip 4: Keeping your Distance

She needs to miss you so no contact rule applies.
Making regular phone calls will just undermine your attempts.

You have to give yourself room, and you have to show her that she really does want you to be a part of her life.
By removing yourself from each other’s lives, not only are you going to show her you are moving on, it is also going to cause her to want to see you, or speak to you again, which can lead to possibly rekindling the romance.

Tip 5: Be a friend, but be cautious

The last tip for how to get your ex girlfriend back is you want to show her you are mature, and that you can still be friends, however you have to be careful not to enter the “friend zone.”.

Tread carefully as you show her you still care. Be there if there are problems but don’t become her therapist.
Be a friend, and show her you still care, but you do have to tread lightly here.

No matter where you currently stand with her or the length of time you have been apart you have got nothing to lose by trying out the 5 tips shared

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