Have The Bravery To Walk Away

There’s this really challenging art in walking off from those who don’t treat you well, respect you enough to reply to you, or don’t act like you mean much to them. On one hand you would like to be close with as many potential people as you can and you reach out making an attempt to make new friends. On the other hand you have this respect for yourself and pride in how you act. The middle ground is hard to find on occasion. It is something that I grapple with over and over again. At what point do you hold your head up high and walk away from the relationship?

I hold myself to a pretty high standard. A great deal of the time I find myself not wanting to do something but doing it anyhow because I know the other person deserves that. Sometimes I know that is what I would needed if the situation was switched around. But I feel that most of the time people do not do that for me. I don't know if this is just my generation, but it is increasingly popular for people to just not respond to you, not take seconds out of their day to recognise effort, and just hide. I do not know what it is. I do not understand what makes people do this. Is it a lack of respect? Do you not like me? Do you not care?

As I'm going through life, things really have become more intensified. I give my heart out to people in a fashion that I haven’t ever been capable of before – and I love that I have started to develop that. But at the same time I have experienced more perspectives that are just the largest turnoffs in general. I try to find that balance between giving people chances, and deciding to walk away. It’s hard to let people in your life go particularly when there is not any gigantic blowup of any sort.

It is hard to switch off trying to bring people joy. Because that’s what it truly comes down to for me. I try and bring others as much joy as I am capable of during the day. I try to make others smile. I try to give them a little leg up, some confidence, some spark to their day that might just make it all that miles better. I do not really expect them to do exactly same for me…but I do look for respect, and if if it’s really not there, I don't attempt to convince them…I just move on and end up leaving.

Finding the balance has been wonderfully hard on my heart recently. But in all seriousness, I know what I must do. I should walk away. I must respect myself enough, the sort of person I am and not accept something less than I know what I merit. You must know what you are worth. If you do not believe you are 100% worth it, you may settle for anything. Remember, people only treat you certain ways by what you accept from them.

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