Getting Your Ex Back With Power Words

When it comes to getting your ex back, every situation is different.  There is no one fits all solution.  Relationships break up for one of three reasons.  You wronged your mate, they wronged you, or they just aren’t that into you anymore.  You can learn more about how to get your ex back here.

What you need to do first if you want to get your ex back is to figure out which of those three reasons caused your break up.  That’s because there is a different strategy to use to get your ex back in each case.

But there are some real power phrases you can use that will often work regardless of why you broke up.  These power words are often effective at touching your ex’s heart.  Here’s one very powerful phrase

“The biggest mistake in my life is losing you…”  This phrase can be an atomic bomb in getting back with your ex.

Think about it.  Maybe you wronged your mate.  Maybe you cheated on them or didn’t pay them enough attention or whatever.  They gave you the boot.  Now you’ve been apart for a week or so.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder and you want them back.  You can learn more resolving relationship conflict specifics here.

Absence may be making your ex’s heart grow a bit fonder as well.  There may be times where they are rather regretful of losing you.  If so, telling them that power phrase can be very effective.  See what happens when you do.

You’ve got to really mean it when you say it.  You can’t say it as a trick or as a manipulation to get them to feel sorry for you.  And, you can only use it once to get your ex back.  If they take you back you’ve got to show them that you’ve learned from your past and you’ve got to treat them right.

Now, it will usually take more than this phrase to win back your ex.  However, if you feel it is true for you, tell it to your ex.  See if it touches their heart in a way that causes them to want to give you a second chance!  You can get a complete system for Get Your Ex Back In Hours here.

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