Getting Married? Work Out Your Wedding Finances Before You Book A Venue.

After the decision to hold a civil partnership or civil wedding ceremony is done, the couple need to begin preparing for the big day. There is a lot more to it than you think but if you will do the planning early, it won’t be that stressful. You can always get an organiser to take care of all of the details. But if you choose to organise the entire event yourself, here are some tips for what you need to think about to make that big day an unforgettable one.

1 Getting Started.

Firstly, you have to decide on how much you are going to spend, this means working out your finances and sticking to a budget. You may want the very best of everything but you must should also consider what you can actually afford. Do not worry because careful planning can still help you to achieve the wedding of your dreams. If you are planning early, it’s also wise to open a wedding bank account so you can start saving .And once you start spending money, you should consider taking out wedding insurance. This will cover a wide range of eventualities.

2 What Type of Theme Are You Having?

There are many different styles of ceremony so this is one of the major decisions when getting married. This will give you an idea how much the ceremony will cost you. This will also aid you decide on the date and the venue. When looking for Civil wedding venues Surrey has some wonderful hotels. Most wedding venues and suppliers get booked up a year in advance so you may need to be flexible on the dates. But if you are aiming on a specific date, you need to start planning a year in advance. For more help and detailed information read here.

3 Appointments

A ceremony does not only include the couples and guest. Civil wedding and Civil partnership ceremonies need a registrar. The couple need to book the registrar through their local council. You will also need to set up appointments with people like photographers, musicians, transport etc. When you visit your chosen venue, you can discuss the different menus on offer, sound system etc. An appointment with the cake provider is a must as well. But you can skip this if one of your friends will be providing the cake as a wedding gift. Hair appointments should be on the list as well.

4 Other Arrangements

Honeymoon arrangements must be finalized two months before the big day. Wedding invites must be sent out as well and draw up a seating plan if you are having a sit down meal. Write out place cards. Confirm final numbers with your venue and caterers. Double check with all of your suppliers that everything is booked and confirmed. You may want to organize a simple pre-wedding party as well.

Finally the day of the ceremony has come. So just relax and enjoy whilst everybody else is also having a great time joining you on this special event.

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