Get The Ponygirl Appearance

So you have recently found out about ponyplay and you cannot wait to get started with your partner, but as with any kind of fetish, it’s important to have the proper kit. There is only so much you’re able to do with some twisted bed sheets and your partner’s ties.

Ponygirls are typically one of three kinds: dressage ponies who are prized for their beauty and that are dressed up with plumes and ornamental harnesses, riding ponies who are ridden by the dominant partner, and cart ponies which will pull their dominant partner (usually in public places) with a sulky – a type of chair on wheels which usually links to a harness worn by the pony.

Ponyplay is a remarkably common fetish, and it is well-catered for within the adult toy market. The most common ponygirl is the dressage variant who can be clothed and displayed at the master’s will, so here is how to get the appearance right for your ponygirl play with a few key kit items.

The harness

No pony can be permitted to roam wild, can she? That’s why you’ll need a harness to keep her in check. The better quality harness that you purchase, the longer it will last and the easier it will be to wear. The aim of the harness isn’t to feel comfy as such, however, you will not want bad quality materials badly cutting into the sub’s body and triggering rashes or callouses.

A high quality harness will be worthy of the investment and is the fundamental item of attire for every ponygirl. Select one which highlights her greatest assets with stainless steel connector rings, if you want to add reigns at anytime in the future.

The bit

Anyone who has done horse riding in the past will know that you keep a pony on track and in check by using a bit. Pick a soft bit which is comfortable enough to wear for lengthy time frames and keep them silent. The objective is that they identify with their inner pony and turn into a pony. What better method to hasten the procedure than by eradicating their capability of speech? It helps the sub into the part and also causes them to feel more comfortable with their equestrian capabilities.

The tail

A pony is only a pony when she has a tail. There are 2 main styles of tails you can choose between: an attachable tail that secures to a strap or belt that goes around the wearer like a g-string, or an insertable tail  that’s the most widely used variation as it also doubles up as a hand-held whip. The insertable tail takes the shape of an anal plug, and will remain in place once inserted for rigorous bedroom pony play.

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