Get Ex Back In A Few Hours

In order to get your ex back within hours, you’ll need to comprehend some basic but very powerful emotional logic, which is that emotions change on their own.  You know this.  You’ve gotten angry and gotten over it within hours or days, haven’t you?  You can learn more about getting your love back here.

Understanding that feelings change is one of the keys to getting your ex back in hours.  But it may seem that your ex has feelings about you that aren’t changing – yet.  Powerful feelings need some help to shift more quickly.

So feelings change, and here’s a big tip:  you can help other people to change their feelings towards you.  Specifically, you can help your ex to shift their feelings towards you.  There are some proven methods to help you to accomplish this.

What you do depends on why you broke up, as there are different immediate reconnect strategies for different situations.  But let’s say you wronged your mate by cheating on them.  You can learn more about how to get your ex back here.

In this case, your ex is angry, or hurt, or ashamed, or feeling betrayed.  These are powerful emotions.  And the stronger the emotion, the longer it will stick around.  The feeling of betrayal can stick around for years!

The key to getting your ex back in hours or days instead of months is to actually help your ex to release the negative emotions they are feeling towards you.  These bad feelings are filling their heart, blocking their love towards you.  They must be released before you ex can even think about making up with you.

So how do you help your ex (or anyone at all, for that matter) release and resolve their negative feelings?  Well, there are several steps involved, but one of the most powerful is to get them to vent.  Get them to say how they feel.  Let them get the feelings off their chest. 

To get your ex back fast, the key is to get them to talk about their feelings.  Get them to open up and vent some.  Don’t try to explain or defend yourself, just make them feel heard and understood.  Become a great listener.

Most people want to apologize endlessly after wronging their mate.  But a more powerful thing to do is to get your ex to talk.  Get them to vent.  Don’t argue, don’t defend yourself, just make them feel heard and understood.  This can get you a lot further than saying I’m sorry a thousand times.  You can get a complete system for Get Ex Back here.

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