Gain Confidence With Women

How To be Confident Around Girls

One vital factor that could help you get the attention of women is to be confident. There are instances when men think they are being confident but what they truly are is being arrogant. You see, confidence is a quality that is not easy to project specially if you lose your cool. Women like confident men as this makes them to feel protected. Guys who are confident are normally men who are reliable and trustworthy. Confidence is a quality which is hard to obtain. However, if you have this trait, beautiful girls would surely be attracted to you.

Why women like confident men?
The guys who have confidence are really appealing and it’s a sign that they are able to handle themselves even in difficult situations. This justifies why the guys are successful and that is the reason why most girls like this. In case you want women to think that you are confident as a man, you have to learn how to be confident and look at yourself in a different way. The fact is, girls see you the way you see yourself. On the other hand, if you think that you are not attractive and worthless, then women would see you in the same way. If you think you are an amazing man, women will think this and it will be stupid of them not to date you.

Look at yourself in a good way as the problem might be you and not the women. See if there is anything that you have to change. Here are questions you could ask yourself:

All girls are egoistic and mean – do you agree?
If you see a couple – a guy who is not that attractive along with a woman who is very pretty, will you think that the guy has something that you don’t?
Is it worth it to talk to you?

In order to be confident, you have to change the way you think and the first thing is to make sure that you do is to introspect.

Keep in mind that you are the catch
Look at yourself at the mirror and [tellconvince] yourself that you will date that pretty woman. Whatever it is that you have accomplished in the past, remind yourself that you deserve it. Forget the bully that was said during grade seven. It would be ridiculous for a woman not to [datego out on a date with] you because you would certainly be worth it.

Look beyond how she looks
Do you have the idea why men are so nervous in case they are talking to a really beautiful woman? This is because they become intimidated when they look at themselves. Men should concentrate on the other qualities of a pretty woman. Just because a woman is pretty doesn’t mean she is perfect. So don’t think she is better than you. Being beautiful is not the only quality a girl could have.

Focus on having fun together
Focus on making her laugh as this will improve your confidence. Make fun, but not to yourself. Be patient as this normally takes time. Keep it together and be calm. You see, the more you relax, the more you would gain confidence.

Confidence is something you can not fake
Girls like guys who are comfortable and relaxed because this means that they are confident. Hence, confidense is something men must not fake. You might seem too cocky if you try too hard. If you have good eye contact and give a simple smile, this shows that you are confident with who you truly are.

The more you practice, the more you will be confident
The more you talk to beautiful women, the more you will gain confidence. Practice more and more, and learn from your own mistakes. All these will help you to gain more and more confidence. For more info about how to gain confidence around women, go to my web site at

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