Enhance Relationship Trust And Intimacy}

Intimacy in any lasting relationship is born from trust and confidence in a partner, which makes these key factors to consider when seeking to improve relationship intimacy. For a relationship to have a solid foundation, the factors that hinder trust and confidence must be overcome.

Trusting your intuition and knowing how to connect with your partner is one of the first steps towards achieving this.

The connection between intimacy and trust

In order for both parties of a relationship to gain confidence with each other, trust has to be present in the relationship. Relationship confidence is directly proportional to our ability to become more open and responsive to the needs of our partner, on all levels. When doubts about a partner or lack of trust creep in, couples can begin to find themselves divided — they can close themselves off as lack of trust arises.

Steps to increase trust and improve intimacy

Sometimes in a relationship there are solid reasons for one partner to doubt the other’s trustworthiness, but often doubt in one’s partner has no solid basis. The reason for this is that one, or both, of the partners may may exhibit behaviour that gives rise to these unnecessary doubts. To improve relationship, trust and intimacy, a vital step is to recognise and understand such behaviour.

Positive communication is essential to the development of a trusting, loving relationship. If you’re able to express what you feel to your partner without creating anger and tension, the outcomes for the relationship will be positive. The connection you make will boost your trust and confidence in your partner, leading to greater intimacy in every aspect of your relationship.

As your trust and confidence in your relationship and each other grows, the intimacy that you share extends through all aspects of your life. In a truly intimate relationship, the support that you give each other can spur both of your on to achieve great things. You’ll have the confidence to reveal more of yourself, and this broad intimacy makes for an exciting, fulfilling and lasting relationship that is rewarding on all levels.

With most couples, the single key to improve relationship intimacy is trust. Trust helps you support each other and this support in turn gives each partner greater self-esteem, confidence and a sense of calm. When you’re relationship is strong and supportive it helps both partners approach all areas of life with a positive, centred energy and creates a foundation for success in all aspects of life.

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