Divorce Lawyer Chicago IL Psychological Harm Caused By Divorce And What Parents Must Do For Their Kids

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The decision for divorce among parents does not only bring emotional effects among children but causes damages to them psychologically. The children are often the fatalities in what seems to be a never ending argument in between their parents. In most cases, as parents are more concerned in facing their own problems, parents tend to disregard their children’s feelings. This may likely cause the children to have an ill feelings towards their parents thinking that they are no longer wanted and loved. If the situation is not handled properly, they may develop a negative attitude towards parents and marriage, as a result of what they see happening in the home.

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It is usual for couples with marital problems to think more of their own feelings than of their children. Even though most parents may have done this decision for the good of their children, their children may not feel that way. All the children know is that something negative is going on in the family but does not have and can’t find the appropriate words to describe the situation. Open communication between the parents and their children should be observe at home. They basically have the rights to know what is happening in the family whatever their age may be.

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One of the effects of divorce among children is that they develop the sense of being deprived of parental love. As parents separate ways and live in different place or change of residence, if there are many kids in the family, tendency is the children may be separated from their siblings especially in cases where a parent can’t hold all the responsibility for all the kids. Sometimes, a child may build up a sense of guilt within them, blaming their own selves over their parents separation. As parents separates, the kids may also feel embarrassed, insecure and will loss self-confidence. Some kids will also suffer depression and anxiety. They may also have problems in their academics as they began to lose their concentration in their studies. And as time pass by, some kids will more likely develop negative characters and conduct.

The damaging psychological effects of divorce may last permanently in the minds of the children if not taken cared of right away. That is why it is very important that parent have to reflect the adverse effects of divorce among their kids before making up their decision to split. It is indeed vital for a parent not to lose but rather maintain the bond between them and their kids. Parents ought to always bear in mind that parental guidance and support will be more likely needed by their kids to help them deal with the situation in a positive way. Parents have to know that the separation may cause their kids to become very sensitive. Once they feel that they are about to lose something, they may start to feel angry and anxious towards the situation. Insecurity among children may develop which will require a parent to provide more attention and support to their kids for them to get rid of the feeling. The sense of hatred towards each other parents may develop after their estrangement but this should never be allowed to penetrate the children’s mind. Parents should always remember that above all, their kids need their love.

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