Dealing With Loneliness In The Winter Months

Winter has come and I can’t help but notice a trend that repeats each year. In the colder months, many youngsters begin passionately looking for “the one.” There seems to be the hope among single individuals that it is crucial to find someone to spend the cold, depressing winter months with while dealing with loneliness.

A study advised that being physically cold leads to a hankering for psychological warmth. Participators were shown a romance movie in a cold setting. The warmer participants became, the less lonely they felt. As a specialist, I notice many times that my clients enter relationships in November or December under false hope, only to have the relationship end as fast as the spring heat hits the air.

Not only do I see this trend in my counseling sessions, I also see it in my circle of buddies. For instance, I recently went to the hair salon and my stylist’s phone rang many times while I was sitting in her chair. With a deep sigh, she announced that she had been getting phone calls from exes or past flings for a couple of weeks. She quickly decided that these were just guys searching for someone to remedy their solitude and to keep them warm on these cold nights.

Studies are telling use we are more susceptible to loneliness and depression when we are cold. It looks to follow that it might be sensible to think a little more before proceeding to make calls about entering into a relationship when we are cold. Put simply, when you’re cold, maybe you shouldn’t go home with that guy from the bar or cling to the casual relationship with the person you “kinda” like but do not truly see a future with.

As we enter the New Year, resolve to make better calls this winter so you aren’t spending spring recovering from a winter fling.

Eboni Harris, a licensed professional advisor intern at Ann’s Place in the Woodlands, Texas, elaborates on how crucial it is to be aware of dealing with loneliness as well as loneliness and depression during the months of winter.

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