College LDR's - Long Distance Romance Guide For Turning Up The Heat

Almost everyone has had relationship hardships, but what could be more complicated than a long distance romance? At one point or another, some of us may have tried and succeeded. Nevertheless, most desperately ended breaking up what should have been a relationship full of promises. It is such a waste to see these bonds end just because people could not hold on from afar.

Imagine yourself in an almost perfect relationship where nothing could seemingly go wrong between you and your partner. Then one day, he calls you over the phone. The business he is working for has relocated him to another state where his skills are high in demand. This could be a big leap for his career. However, he has to sacrifice being away from you for awhile. Then, you are suddenly left alone with just memories and his voice to keep your love alive once or maybe twice a month.

Long distance relationships often pose men and women alike a certain degree of difficulty that most of the time gets even worse. The realization that you can only see your partner once or twice a year is often too much to bear for most people. Anyone going into a long distance relationship must be fully aware of this reality and must be ready to take on a much higher level of commitment. However, if you could not see yourself with another man but him, then why not go for it? After all, you do not just get married with that someone you can live with, but with that special someone you cannot live without.

So how do you make long distance love work?

Here is some long distance dating advice you need to consider:

1. Take full advantage of the latest technology. From e-mails, instant messages, blog posts, and web cams to phone calls and text messages, you can have full use of these electronic gadgets to stay connected and keep your love alive.

2. Let’s face it, there is no substitute for a touch of your partner’s hand, a kiss of his lips, and the scent of his body. Nothing compares to the excitement of finally getting to see him. Schedule these special meetings as often as possible.

3. Set goals and a have a time planned for the next time you will see each other. You do not want to live separately for the rest of your lives. It is essential to have something worthwhile to look forward to. Miracles just don’t happen without focus and effort.

4. The modern generation has introduced us to such a wide variety of impersonal devices that we often tend to forget the simple things that really mean a lot. The remarkable sensation of writing down what your heart says and the unforgettable feeling of receiving a love letter from the mail carrier can forever be etched in one’s mind.

5. Jealousy can be good at times, but mostly it can be destructive. Though getting jealous would mean you are afraid of losing your mate, it often defines lack of trust and understanding.

6. Stay positive. All relationships are bound to be imperfect. No one ever guaranteed a smooth ride for love. Never lose faith that everything is going to be just fine. Most importantly, both of you have to trust and hold on to your love, no matter what.

7. Take time to browse the Internet for online tips and advice ranging from college long distance relationship advice to lasting long distance relationship ideas. If you are in a long distance romance, you will appreciate all the help you can get from these websites.

Having a long distance relationship is not easy. But just like any other relationship, it takes understanding, persistence, sacrifice and most of all, communication to make it work.

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