Chicagos Top Divorce Lawyers The Different Forms Emotional And Psychological Effects Triggered By Divorce Among Children

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Most research shows how distressing divorce can be among the children. Many of these children suffered from depression, failed in school, and in worse cases, become violent and get involved with crimes, causing problems in the society. Children with depression and behavioral problems may be a result of conflicts at home. The quality of relationship a child may have with each of their parent will greatly influence the psychological and emotional effects of divorce. A child’s recovery may also become affected by the conflicts he or she experience at home as well as the length of time it covers. Children may also become more affected if the parents lose their concentration on the needs of their children. Studies show that the children, who succeed after divorce, have parents who can communicate effectively and work together for their kids.

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Social and academic problems will likely develop among the children as parents get divorced. Boys and girls do suffer equally but they differ greatly on how they show their sufferings. Boys often times express their feelings externally. They often times show their anger, frustration and hurt. They tend to have fights with their classmates in school which causes problem to their parents. On the other hand, girls have the tendency to hide their feelings. They may become depressed, develop headaches or stomach aches, and have changes in their eating and sleeping patterns. Finacial problems may also arise, since same amount will be used to support two households, thus causing problem in providing proper nutrition as well as cut down the budget for clothing, extracurricular activities as well as choice of school.

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A child’s continued involvement with both of his or her parents allows for realistic and better balanced future relationships. Children learn how to be in relationship by their relationship with their parents. If they are secure in their relationship with their parents, chances are they will adapt well to various time-sharing schedules and experience security and fulfillment in their intimate relationships in adulthood. A father who often get involved in the life of the kid is a father who is willing to spend beyond his mandatory obligation, such as extracurricular activities in school; this is true in cases where a child is in the mother’s custody. The quality and quantity of the involvement of the father is influenced by the mother’s attitude towards the child’s relationship to his father. Fathers who leave the house often times get trouble with their ex-wife which can be a reason for neglecting his parental responsibility.

Having step parent after divorce will never compensate the loss of a parent. It is important for parents to have proper knowledge as to how they should handle their kids before deciding to remarry. Some kids may take it negatively and react negatively on the idea. So parents should understand their feelings. Step family relationships need to be negotiated, expectations need to be expressed, roles need to be defined as well as realistic goals need to be set so more complicated situations can be avoided.

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