Chicago Divorce Lawyer The Negative Reality Of Divorce And Its Injurious Effects To Individuals Involved

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Marriage a sacred matrimony among individuals that is perfectly designed by God. Two persons bound in love and exchanged their vows of commitment before God and men to stay together whatever life may bring them especially in facing the difficult challenges is their marriage. But what used to be a sacred promise between two persons bound in love has now turned is now about to be broken link. Marriage now seems to be a game of chance among couples. Those who win will have a happy married life and stay together for longer years while those who lose will end up divorced and suffer its devastating consequences.

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Divorce will not only create a sad experience among the parents involved but it will also drastically affect their offspring. This experience will not only have great effects on the emotional aspects of each family member but they will also have to undergo the pain that is mainly caused by their shattered dreams of having a complete and happy. Kids whose parents are divorced were not only being hindered from getting their dreams of having a complete and healthy family, it will also severely damage and change their perception about marriage. Divorce will not only ruin the what used to be desirable relationship between husband and wife but it will cause troubles in the life of the children involved. Kids with divorce parents tend to become alcoholic. Kids tend to keep their selves from this sad reality through substance abuse. But this bad devices will usually end up to violence and crime.

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Alcoholism among divorced couples is much more likely to be a problem among than those who have stayed intact as husband and wife. Kids, whose parents divorced, are also more likely to suffer depression than those who still have their parents. This is also true among husbands and wives especially in the early process of their divorce. The suicide rate is also considerably higher compared to those who have an intact family. Studies have shown that the prevalence of suffering from any psychiatric disorder over a lifetime was significantly lower for those in stable marriages. Studies also show that kids whose parents are divorced are more likely develop psychiatric disorder over a lifetime.

Kids with divorce parents also have the tendency to drop out of school than those with parents who are still in marriage. In many cases these children will have lower grades in school particularly in mathematics. Children who also grow up in broken homes will also have difficulties obtaining and maintaining steady employment. Development of health problems is also common among kids with parents who are separated. They also tend to become moody and develop negative emotional and behavioral patterns. Sometimes, they tend to withdraw their selves from the people around them.  Most of these kids are also more likely to enter marriage at an early age. Many will become parents while they are still in their teenage years and even have babies out of marriage. 

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