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Divorce is no longer a new term among the people living in the United States. Despite the fact that divorce has been a common issue the country is facing, a lot of couples has been doing this. As parent’s divorce, children involved in the family may be greatly affected. Marriage nowadays seems like a lot more like a game of chance taking into consideration that almost fifty percent of the first marriage sadly ends up in divorce. Different studies conducted shows that there a lot of reasons that contributes to the higher rate of divorce. Knowing these factors may not totally assure you of having good married life but this will somehow help you as you consider divorce or may be facing issues with your married life and eventually needs enlightenment.

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Let’s examine some useful guidelines.

Couples divorce for so many reasons. One of the factors causing couples to divorce is the fact that they married at a very young age. Because of their age and maturity level, those who get married at an early age usually thinks that it is best to have divorce. Infedilty is also another reason why couples split in which one good examples is when one spouse is having an online relationship. Dishonesty and lack commitment are the contributing factors why people indulge into this. Significant changes and difference in values and belief may also affect the relationship. Traumatic or life-changing events that may occur in the family can also cause a couple to split such as the loss of a child which both parents can’t handle especially in cases where one of the parent is involved in that traumatic incident.

Another reason why couples divorced is their responses to prolonged periods of stress, may it be a work related stress, long term illness, mental health issues, financial problems and many more. Unresolved conflicts among the couple may also add stress to both individuals involved. When a husband or wife tends to become passive on his or her partner’s emotional needs, in the long run, this will result to more complications and conflict and eventually end up in divorce. Another reason for divorce is alcohol and substance abuse. Drug or alcohol addiction will often result to domestic violence especially among women and children. A wife who is often beaten by her husband may no longer tolerate or bear the physical and emotional pain she has undergone and resorted to divorce. Alcohol and drug addiction may also contribute to the financial loss .

Lack of communication among husband and wife may also trigger divorce in the long run. A couple who seldom talk and express their feelings towards the other and often times disagree in small things is considered unhealthy. A spouse may tend to become passive just to avoid conflicts at home will eventually let the other person feel that he or she is being taken for granted. Blaming the other person or not taking shared responsibility especially in difficult times will have negative effects on your marriage life. The lack of concern of one person to the other may have adverse effects on the relationship and eventually affect your marriage. The absence of concern, care and consideration of the spouse towards the other is considerably a major issue in marriage.

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