Chicago Divorce Lawyer Considering The Lasting And Destructive Effects Of Divorce Among Kids

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Divorce is no longer an unfamiliar thing in the marriage life. Many studies shows that the rate of marriage steadily dips over the past decade while the divorce rate holding steady. This makes you more likely to know those who are previously married couples than those who are legally bound. Accompanying this trend are multiple studies analyzing the effects that divorce has on children.

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In any divorce cases, it is the children who are most likely to be affected psychologically. They are the unfortunate victims of the bickering between parents. Faced with their own problems, parents tend to disregard their children’s feelings, thus making the children feel that they are unwanted. In most cases, parent tends to become selfish as they consider their own feelings rather than seeing the needs of their own children. They may have the interest of their children at heart, but the children are not to know this. Kids may realize that there is something wrong going on, but they are too afraid and often times unknowledgeable of what is really happening. If this situation is not being taken cared of right way, this may result in having negative impressions towards their parents and marriage basing on their own experience at home.

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Divorce among parents may to cause devastating effects among their children. If left unchecked, these effects may dwell permanently in the minds of children right through adulthood. Kids with legally separated parents often times misbehave and  develop bad values. Smoking is just one of the bad habits they may develop. Research shows that kids with separated parents are more likely to smoke compared to those who have their families, particularly their parents, intact. Stress from the divorce can also alter a child’s mental health, and caused a dependence on Ritalin. Kids undergoing this situations are also more likely to have low performance when it comes to math and social skills and may experience fear, stress and poor self-esteem. Studies also show that it is unlikely that children of divorce parents will be able to catch up with their peers who live in more stable families.

Kids, whose parents are divorced, also have a higher percentage risk in developing health problems. The risk of health problems is higher than average during the first four years after a family separation, but, curiously, can actually increase in the years following.  There is also a considerable amount of percentage when it comes to kids dropping in school. Sometimes, the age of a child may determine the amount of effects he or she may suffer in life. Also, the more change children are forced to go through, like a divorce followed by a remarriage, the more difficulty they may have finishing school. Kids whose parents are divorced may also have the tendency to follow their parents pattern and get divorced as well. Despite aspiring to have stable relationships, children of divorce are more likely to marry as teens, as well as marry someone who also comes from a divorced family. With this, they are more likely exposed to having divorce in the future.

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