Broken Hearts & How To Move On

I always used to be that type of person that would hold on to friends, things, feelings, and circumstances too much. I would grasp at them till they couldn’t move readily around my mind and my life. I thought that if I held them tightly that it would absolutely keep them close to me. What I found on the contrary is that gripping onto things too firmly only chokes the air out of them or makes them sift through your hands like sand.

I was under the impression that holding on was the greatest sign of strength – that to prove how much you would like something you truly must keep hold of it with everything that you have. But in that , I lost parts of myself. I lost my capability to change. I didn’t give other things the chance to change much so I instead ground them into submission without letting them function readily. I came up against one certain trait of life that proved my assumed strength weak time after time – life will always change.

So I started to let go. I started to permit those beautiful and intricate portraits of memories in my mind unfold like streamers in the wind. I let them flow naturally like the waters in the streams.

When the time was right, I rolled them back up, smiled widely, and started to stare at the open and vast ocean of uncerainty in front of me.

I’m prepared.

I am finally open.

I am happy.

It’s time to move on with a full heart.

Sometimes that’s the one very hard thing for us to do isn’t it? Move on? Let relationships go? Yes, but actually leaving things and never casting looks backwards is among the strongest things which can be done. You never truly know if something will come back around again, but if it does, it was supposed to be. If it does not, you can still enjoy the present anways. Live here and now.

So let go…that’s true strength.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Need help in moving on from a broken heart? Dig into these moving on quotes and they will help you take a few steps forward in the right direction.

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