Best Divorce Lawyer Cook County Some Negative Aspects That May Trigger Divorce

Best Divorce Lawyer Cook County

Couples tend to divorce for so many reasons. Eventually, recent studies shows that the top main reason why couples embrace divorce is the spouse’ lack of commitment. Researchers also have found that individuals considering divorce make their decision to stay or leave based on the rewards they gain from the marriage, the barriers against leaving the marriage, their perceptions about finding a better relationship, and the amount of investment they have made in their marriage. Many studies reveals that there are a lot of possible reasons why a marriage can be place at high risk for divorce. Understanding this contributing factors may not eventually help you improved your marriage but somehow this will serve as your guide when confronted with decisions of getting divorced.

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Getting married at an early age can greatly contribute in the idea of getting divorce, particularly in the few years of marriage. Teens who married at an early age are more prone to committing divorce. Individuals who take their time, enjoying their teenage years and get married in their 20’s are considered old enough to handle the stress and decision making when it comes to facing the challenges in their marriage years. The difference in your values may also be a contributing factor in getting divorce. Insecurity is one good example of a negative trait a person may have which may be caused by having poor self-esteem. Insecurities may lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction in your marriage and eventually end up in getting divorce. But just like all other negative attitude, insecurities can be overcome and turn into a positive trait.

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Couples who has lived in together right before marriage are more likely to have divorce. The idea that living together before marriage increases your risk for divorce goes against a lot of common beliefs that it is a good way to get to know each other better and prepare for marriage. Living together may be a way to get to know each other better, but other things about living together apparently do not help and even hurt your chances for a successful marriage, especially if you live together with several people before marrying.  Pregrancy and child bearing before marriage may also trigger divorce in the future. Most of those parents will separate before the child begins school, and some will never really get together. 

And there are also other factors of divorce that are considerably beyond your control. If you experienced the divorce of your parents, unfortunately that doubles your risk for divorce. The risk may be tripled in cases where the person you married also have parents who are divorced. It does suggest that individuals who experienced the divorce of their parents need to work even harder to make good marriage choices and to keep their marriage strong and happy. Researchers have estimated that individuals who reports belonging to some religious group have a somewhat lower chance of divorce than those who say they have no religious affiliations. There will be a lower chance for divorce.

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