An Amazing Woman WIll Be Your Oracle

If you are truly fortunate to have a lady in your life that tests you, believes in you, who challenges you, who respects you, who trusts your judgement and who knows that you're their rock, she has got to be treated just like a treasure. If you'd like to go somewhere in life, build something with somebody, improve yourself or become something great, you've got to find somebody you can walk 100% side by side with, not one step in front of one step behind. You have to find your best friend and confidant and you can do anything together. If you find that person who you can actually love, who you can pour everything out to and trust, you have got something special. Because truthfully, these ladies don’t come around fairly often, but when they do, you have to be prepared for them. You must be prepared to be the best man you can surely be. But that’s nothing compared to who you are going to become.

A lady will trust in you, be strong by your side when you’re in the midst of hell, love you despite any uncertainty and doubt you could have, will stand with you when you need support in your life and help you dream bigger than you ever possibly could have. A lady will worship you in ways you never imagined that you might be loved. A woman will test you constantly, checking your foundation. This isn’t to drive you mad, but if she knows what you are made from and can truly feel the iron running through your veins, she is going to have complete faith that you're headed in the correct direction. A real woman will let you wander into the woods to go searching for answers you really need.

She'll understand that when you get quiet, you aren’t withdrawing, but checking in, searching your intellect for what is truly real and right. A real woman will trust you, only if she feels you. No logical reason will ever cure the pain in her heart if she can’t feel that you care, that you adore her, that you are there no matter what. She will push you away, and if you deflate, you’ve failed the test. A lady will aid in making you into the type of man that would stand strongly in front of the world naked and exposed, 100% prepared to be judged.

She is going to help you build yourself into something of fantastic personality, strength, and wisdom.

A woman will do all these things and more. But most of all, she’ll be your joy and awaken something within you that you’ve never felt before. So if you find a great woman, treat her just like a treasure. Because she is. She is life itself, and with her, anything is possible.

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