A Night To Remember

My parents want to have a simple celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, which is going to be in six months. They don’t want to renew their wedding vows anymore since they already renewed their vows on their 25th wedding anniversary. A big party is also not on the list. My parents just want to be with us their children and grandchildren. They also plan to invite close relatives to celebrate with us in a restaurant with a good reputation.


As I am the oldest among the siblings, the responsibility of organising one is on my shoulders. Since all of us are already working in the different parts of the country, setting up a meeting face to face is quite difficult. So we used Skype and emails. One brother said he wanted a program. One sister said that she liked that idea. I suggested that my parents’ grandchildren present something. My parents love all their grandchildren to death equally. We know without a doubt that our parents love us. But all of us agree that they doted on all grandchildren without favoritism.


Then one sister suggested that we should give our parents a special gift. However, what to give them is the challenge that we were faced with. An “aha!” moment struck a sister and suggested we give them something befitting for a golden wedding anniversary. How about giving them palladium wedding rings for sale, one brother said. We wanted him to elaborate on his gift idea. He said that palladium is a rare metal just like platinum. It is silvery-white in color and is less expensive than platinum although palladium is part of the platinum group of metals. If we can agree on this gift, there actually are special offers that we can take advantage of.


We concurred with our brother’s suggestion. Since he was the one who brought up the idea, he will be given the task of canvassing for a proper design at the right price. From among the choices my brother gave us, we selected the set of palladium wedding rings with a 0.25 carat diamond at the center of the rings. There are two smaller diamonds each on the shoulder totaling five diamond platinum eternity rings in each ring. The five diamonds represent the 50 years our parents have been together as husband and wife through thick and thin, for richer or poorer, and in sickness and in health. These gifts are our way of thanking them for adoring us. They have courageously brought us up to be good people.


In the evening of the anniversary, our parents were very happy. They were very pleased that all of us were present. The were also amazed at the presentations of their grandchildren. A number of them sang. And some individuals danced. It was truly a night of fun and remembrances. But then it was time to present our surprise gift. My parents were dumbfounded. And all of us explained that these rings were our expressions of love.


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