A Healthy Relationship With Subliminal Messaging

The word “perfect” was probably never intended to be used with relationships. After all, every relationship has its shares of problems and rows. Occasional arguments are normal, in fact are even considered part of a healthy relationship. However, if your relationship is in trouble more often, then it is a relationship which is in need of outside help, or a different approach.

Mutual love is the most important building block of a healthy relationship, however only love can’t give it a rock solid foundation. A healthy relationship needs equal measures of trust, honesty, commitment and open sided communication. If your relationship is in trouble, one of these ingredients maybe missing. There could be many reasons for lack of commitment in your relationship. It could well likely be your bottled up insecurities and emotions from the past. If you really do want to repair your relationship you can, no matter what the reasons are.

How to make your relationship work

Acknowledge that you have a problem and communicate

The first most important step to take if you want to bring your relationship out of the choppy waters is to acknowledge that you have problem. Then list your problems on a piece of paper. Remember - don't be malicious, leave your ego at the door and discuss your issues fairly, with an open mind. Open and healthy communication is one of the most important factors that can make or break a relationship.

Couple counseling

If both of you are open to the idea you can opt for couple counseling. Hurt, anger or even love can cloud our objectivity and judgment. Sometimes we end up making small problems bigger or even refuse to think rationally. Advice from a neutral person who knows neither of you can help a failing relationship.

Clinical Hypnosis

If either of you have a problem of insecurity, jealousy or commitment phobia, the reason could be rooted in your past. Clinical hypnosis could help you in this case. Sometimes some past events or happenings get so firmly embedded in your subconscious that you might end up taking a lot of actions because of those past memories, without even realizing it. Through clinical hypnosis a trained therapist will be able to delve into your subconscious and help you release the memories which are hampering your relationship and re-program your mind.

Subliminal Messages

Listening to subliminal messages may also help you in building a healthy relationship. Subliminal messages are suggestions which are beyond the perception of the conscious mind but have the power to influence the subconscious. These messages could be in text or audio formats most commonly. These messages are at a frequency which can't be heard by humans. Listening to these messages daily will help you to mentally dissolve your fears about commitment, and your past insecurities,.

Positive affirmations about your relationship and visualizing happy images of you and your partner everyday can also go a long way in building healthy relationship. However, what is important to remember is that you must be open to the idea of changing yourself for the better, if you want your relationship to work.

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