7 Biggest Rough Diamonds When Mined

I was checking the Internet to browse a few sites when I came across images of diamonds owned by famous individuals. These diamonds are placed in very beautiful settings. Then I looked at my hand and smiled. I saw my own diamond engagement ring. I recalled how my husband trembled in anticipation when he asked my hand in marriage. I was so happy at that time and I am still happily married to the same loving man. Many years after we tied the knot, he told me that he picked up my fring from the many unique diamond engagement rings of many stores. I started to like and cherish the diamond rings and necklaces he gave me and I appreciated diamonds all the more.

I don’t really care if the diamond is part of a ring, pendant, brooch, bracelet or some othertype of setting. I just liked to see the beauty of a diamond shine wherever it is placed. Now that I’m surfing the internet, I am reading interesting information about the seven biggest diamonds that have been minded. The biggest diamond ever mined is the Cullinan diamond. It had an astonishing weight of. It was Thomas Evan Powell who came across the stone in 1905, and the diamond was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan. The latter is the owner of South Africa’s Premier Mine. Because technology was not very high tech at that time, Asscher Brothers cut the diamond. The resulting two stones, the Cullinan 1 (Great Star of Africa) and Cullinan 2 (Lesser Star of Africa) are now included in UK’s Crown Jewels.

The second largest diamond is the Excelsior Diamond found by Kaffir, a miner, in June 1893 in Jagersfontein Mine located in South Africa. Smaller than the Cullinan but no less regal, the Excelsior has 970 carats. Next in line is the Star of Sierra Leone, a huge diamond found in February 1972 in the Diminco Mine. It is believed that there were 13 flawless diamonds out of the 17 pieces cut from the original stone. The Star of Sierra Leone is a brooch which contains six flawless diamonds from the original stone.

The Incomparable Diamond, which was discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is the fourth biggest diamond. In its rough state, the stone weighed 890 carats. The fifth largest diamond is the Great Mogul Diamond, which was found around 1650 in southern India. In its rough state, the stone weighed 787.5 carats. Emir Jemla gave the diamond as a gift to Shah Jahan, Emperor of India at that time. Shah Jahan was the one who built the Taj Mahal for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Jean Baptiste Tavernier, a famous jeweler described the stone as “The stone is of the same form as if one cut an egg through the middle.”

At 777 carats, the Millenium Star is the world’s sixth biggest rough diamond. Steinmetz Diamond Group was responsible for cutting the stone. The gem was extracted in 1990 from a mine in the Mbuji-Mayi district in Zaire. Currently, the owner of the diamond is De Beers. Last but not the least is the Golden Jubilee diamond which was discovered in Premier Mine in South Africa. It weighs 755.5 carats. The stunning collection of these huge diamond rings uk is just amazing.

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