5 Ways For How To Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Whether you’ve just let your dream man slip through your fingers, understand that there are some things you can try to get him back in your life again.

Space Required

To ensure that you don’t permanently drive him away, you must not call him right away following a break up.You’ll probably be the last person he wants to hear from if he is still upset with you.

Instead a better idea maybe to ring your ex once and calmly inform him that you understand he needs some space to think but that you are ready to talk when he is.

Giving your ex the necessary space will allow him to recall just how much you mean to him and begin missing you.

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Looking After Yourself

You must not surcome to pigging out on ice cream in your sweets. He needs to be able to see that you are not clingy or in need for him for support and are independant. Your ex will be far more likely to take you back if you can prove that you can take care of yourself and are confident in your own skin.

Be sure to leave the house and enjoy some time with good friends and have a laugh. Get yourself something nice like a new dress or even a haircut. And, should you come accross your ex you maybe more confident and less likely to back down.

Also, you may wish to look at pursuing a new hobby. As guys are attracted to women who have a life and interests of their own. Pursuing a new hobby will also provide you with something new to talk about and will later on help keep your relationship fresh.

Going Out as Friends

You might want to ask your man out and spend some time together as friends once you feel as though you are on speaking terms again. After having provided enough space to be on speaking terms spend some time as friends and ask him out. There’s less pressure when you’re out as friends allowing you to reconnect you can even try to date if you find that there’s a spark again.

A fun bonding activity maybe bowling. Another thing you can do is head to one of your favourite spots together. A stroll along the beach is one idea if this is something you both loved to do.

A Letter

A letter maybe a better alternative to speaking to them if for whatever reason you feel talking to them is not the best option.

With all the technology these days a letter becomes more personal and a perfect way to show your feelings for them.

Never blame your ex through your letter though. YOu may even like to place a photo of happier times with your letter.

Being Responsible

Apologize for any unfair treatment you may have contributed that led to the break up. This will make it easier for him to take you back by showing sincerity having accepted any mistakes you had made.

Taking personal responsibility for actions taken will prove that as you are able to change that you’re worth another chance. If he still will not take you back after an apology know that you have tried your best if he still is reluctant to accept you.

Bear in mind, no matter how bleak your situation may look now, you mustn’t give up. By following the five ideas above you will have a great chance of reconnecting with your ex boyfriend. In fact you may even be able to build a better, stronger relationship.

Make sure that he’s worth it though. You deserve to have the man of your dreams so if he wasn’t the best boyfriend or mistreated you then it’s probably best for you to move on.

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