5 Steps To Mend A Relationship

If you are presently experiencing problems in your relationship, and are wanting to do something before it ends in a break up, then the following 5 tips for how to mend a relationship is sure to help you get your relationship back on track and, more importantly, ensure that it stands the test of time.

1. Accept to Not Always Being Right

Like most people you have probably heard of the old adage would you rather be happy or right?This is important for any relationship. The need to be right just causes you to spend a great deal of time on the defensive or on the attack as oppossed to working together to make things work. If you begin looking at things in a different way instead and accept that fact that maybe they have a point and might be right at times You will be in a better position to hear your partner out and spot any mistakes you’ve made so that you may begin mending the relationship.

The real healing can begin once you have stopped trying to need to be right and will allow them to own up to what they may have done wrong to affect the relationship themselves.

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2. You Can’t Change Them

Appreciating one another’s differences is likely something you each did initially in the early stages of your dating.
However, over time most couples look at ways they can change one another.

You must realize though that no matter how much you try, you can’t change your partner. And, you need to accept that we are each unique in values, habits and beliefs)

If you wish to understand how to fix your relationship, then you need to start accepting your partner for who they are and find a way that you can both be happy in the relationship, inspite of your differences.

3. Make Honesty a Big Part of Your Relationship

If you look at any ‘top 10 list’ about why breakups happen then you will find communication near the top, or rather lack of communication. While, this does not mean that not communicating alone is what leads to splitsville. The real concern is actually not being able to honestly exchange feelings, desires and thoughts with each other.

In many relationships couples are not completely aware of just how or what their partner actually thinks or feels. Because of honesty your relationship will feel more intimate aswell.

Being honest is not always going to feel good for you or your partner in the moment. If you look at it as an attack, then you can end up with hurt feelings. Therefore, instead of looking it as an attack, try to view the honesty as an chance to understand your partner better.

4. Progressing Forward

You will find that just sitting down and talking about the future of your relationship in a positive light will help strengthen your bond staight away. Anytime you take action on anything, including relationships, you start to feel better about the situation.

5. Show Your Partner Love

The lack there of either physical or emotional intimacy will mean a relationship won’t last.

In order to have one form of intimacy, you have to have the other. You cannot have physical intimacy if you do not have emotional intimacy. Emotional intimacy starts by being loving towards your partner and showing them love.

Getting to know how they like to feel loved is paramount. Where just because you feel that it’s natural to feel loved a certain way this mightn’t be what they feel fulfills their needs. i.e – if you feel loved by having them listen to you and prepare you a nicely cooked meal, it does not mean that that’s how they feel loved themselves. It may be the case that when providing them with support and embracing them is the way they feel loved.

So, make sure you learn what is required for them to feel loved by you and take steps to display this to them.
Remember that the above 5 tips for how to fix a relationship are all equally important. They will help you view your partner in a different way and create a new relationship full of more honesty, acceptance, and love.

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