”How to get back together” VS. ”How long does it take to get over an ex”

Where ever we go we see love. Often it seems that the only problem in this world is love. Every 3rd T.V channel will have something on, that discusses romance. Right around the corner is the next love series like the O.C. Even the history channel will talk about some queens medieval affair. Same goes for published media. You can find a lot of books that promise advice on how to get over an ex or even how to get your ex boyfriend back. Entertainment publications, talk about about celebrities. Most of these celebrities took part in a film that was about love.


But this obsession with the topic has been there for centuries and I don’t think it will change any time soon.

Some people might see it as something negative. I personally think it’s great. I actually think that some industrialized countries should concentrate more on love. Their population is declining. There, a lot of people are more preoccupied with their careers and less with the family.

Media praises money and riches and pays less attention to love.

It’s not to say that there are no “love” shows in those countries. But I think media should concentrate less on the drama and more on the positive. A movie that praises cheating such as desperate housewives should may be praise fidelity. Same goes for books that give you the latest advice on how to dump someone or how to get over being dumped. Books that talk about how to get your ex boyfriend back are rare and far between (they prefer to talk about cheating lovers instead). In my humble opinion those things will do more good than harm.


In some US states there are a divorce rates of 40%. When will this end? Those are mind blowing statistics! It’s as if people decide to jump the ship and swim elsewhere too quickly. I think that almost all problems have a solution. If a husband finds out that his wife is cheating he might jump the boat but… There must be a reason for this infidelity. May be it was caused by a bad mistake on the part of the husband? Could it be a minor change in the way the couple communicated? Big things can be accomplished with minor tweaks. They say that number one reason that makes wives leave is the lack of attention on behalf of the husband.

So let’s care for each other more. Let’s look at similarities and not the differences. Let’s be tolerant to each other. Let’s choose affection instead of resentment. Because life is too short to carry around the extra luggage of hate.

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