Don’t Undervalue Forgiveness

Love the inherent madness in real things. Without a small amount of madness it may lack depth. Find people to enclose yourself with who believe in you, who will support you, and who will push you and help you grow in all parts of life. Respect people who will help you build your dreams and vision because frankly, they do not come around all that often. Having fair and great people who support you is a really rare things to find in this life. These people will whisper a belief into your heart like nobody else can and make you feel ways you never thought that you would. These people will see you as “imperfectly perfect” and that is probably one of the best gifts to get from another person.

But above all , learn to forgive those around you who actually do care about you.

People are going to make mistakes. Actually when you really look at it, people are incredibly messy and complex. Life is never black and white. It’s truly amazing that we even get along in the first place. Mistakes are going to occur and you will get hurt sometimes. Honestly, that really is just part of living life totally. If you are on the field playing the game of life you’re going to be forced to take chances with your heart, and with that will come some agony. But deep inside you is the capacity to forgive people who you care about and who care about you.

When you excuse another, you set yourself and the other free from suffering.

So learn to forgive and to progress with building a better relationship. Naturally there are times when you are going to let people go, but in most situations, there can be lots of understanding and forgiveness in the room.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Need some more content to move towards traveling into the depths of your heart? Try these love quotes for her.

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Heartbreak Healer

What if heartbreak was your best healer?

What if you took a little time to jump into that question? What if, rather than heartbreak being the thing that destroyed you, it actually helped in creating you?

These are tough questions to ask yourself. However, they’re stunningly rewarding. Many have had their hearts broken in some way and in all honesty there is no worse feeling that you can go through. You’re feeling absolutely terrible for what appears to be forever and the feelings of loss never seem to go. As long as we keep playing on the field of life, we are going to suffer the unavoidable fact that our hearts will break from time to time.

But what if, when heartbreak occurs, we allow it to show us where we truly need to do deep interpersonal work? How will we take the pain of loss and be well placed to create something beautiful with it?

I’m not advising that we should attempt to ascend above our discomfort, but rather as an alternative attempt to take our own agony and birth something positive and beautiful out of it. It’s a challenge not for the faint of heart, and yet at the very same time one that could make an amazing difference when we face deep difficulty.

So the next time your heart breaks, see if you can take every bit of that agony inside and make it into something else. Try writing, painting, drawing, or anything else that feels right to you. Express what’s within you instead of letting it eat you day after day. There’s something beautiful about going through a time of great change and pain. Yes, it really does hurt, but maybe it is about your heart breaking open instead of breaking to pieces?

Just give it a try. You never know what may happen.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Going through a rough patch or just had your heart broken? Yeah, that can be pretty darn tough. I put together some heartbreak quotes to help you out in this situation.

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Why You Absolutely Should Find Your Confidant

We need a confidant. You know, that special somebody you can tell everything to – the good and the bad – and they will still love you regardless of everything else. The confidant is the individual that believes in you, who you are down to the core, and who will support you through the thick and the thin. The confidant is one of the most rare treasures today, because if you have someone who can lift you up when you’re down, who will celebrate with you through your achievements, and grieve with you when you fail, you are luckier than most folks in this world.

There’s no need to do this thing called life all by ourselves. In fact, when we choose to share our contentment with others in relationships, life becomes much more satisfying. When we become deeply vulnerable with others and express deeply what’s essentially happening within, we not only give ourselves a gift but we give a gift to the other person also. What could that be? It is the gift of being able to hold something necessary to another and take care of it.

A confidant will know precisely what to do with you when you require putting yourself into someones hands. Since they’re invested in you as a person and have no separate agenda other than seeing you be the best person you can probably be, they are going to take care of you in ways which many others cannot even access.

Not everybody is going to be capable of being your confidant. There are some individuals that will pop up and vanish in your life and that is actually the way that it's meant to be. Rather than forcing everything and gripping on to people who are trying to leave, watch them go with a genuine smile on your face. Keep the doors open, because more often than not they will come back into your life in some way or other. That’s the cyclical nature of how life works. If we try to grip it too hard though, well, we cut ourselves off from experiencing just how surprising life can be. But when we keep ourselves open to anything occuring, anything actually does happen.

Find some incredible loving people to surround yourself with in this life and you’ll be capable of doing far more than you possibly could on your own.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Need some more content to move towards building strong relationships and hopefully find your confidant or love of your life? Try these love quotes for him.

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True Love Never Dies

Potentially the greatest test of the love you’ll have with another person exists when space and time between you becomes an element.

But with true love, distance essentially makes you stronger.

It’s true in several circumstances that time apart from your lover makes you look back at the past through rose colored glasses. You begin to actually miss the times you spent with another, the things they revealed to you, and most vitally, the way they made you really feel. Those feelings are incredibly powerful and when put up against the test by distance, can actually become stronger than anything else. There’s something miraculous about what real love creates. Regardless of if you have gone through a breakup, it’s interesting how time apart essentially brings lovers back together because they begin to appreciate what once was. In this case, you have to have the tolerance to mend your heart while things aren’t at their best and have deep faith that the right things will happen to you in times to come.

With deep real love for another, excuses don’t cut it. Faithfulness and commitment only really matter.

When in a relationship, distance will create room for temptations, agitation, worry, and many other challenges. These are tests of your love and your strength. Truthfully, these tests will make you mindful of how deep your love basically is for another person. If you can get through these tests and not stray into the shallow enticements of life, you have got something truly special. When you can prove that love for another for yourself, you also prove to your partner that you can be trusted and will alwaysy get through these same shallow temptations in the future.

Long distance relationships are challenging, but at the end, if you actually love somebody you will find a method to make it happen.

Is your love up to the job?

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Here are some great long distance quotes to help you get through the lonely times of your relationship. Stay strong.

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Great Love Can Change Our Hearts

My mind is dripping with paint. Colors casted all over the never-ending canvas of my mind. Mixing. Swirling. Blasted with unique colour. How rare for a mind that was stripped of colour not so long ago…one that was weighed down by the blackest of blacks and the gap between those dark shades and white. There had been only that. Nothing apart from that. There are gorgeous and complex portraits of memories that unfold like streamers in my mind. I used to curse these endless reels of tape falling from the ceilings. They’d play over and over in my mind again. Moments. Memories. Feelings. Laughter. My mind felt weighed under by their presence. I tried to manipulate the uncontrollable, to only understand that once a flutter of wind came by they’d disentangle time and again.

This was the tale about a man experiencing discomfort. Regret. Pain. Fear.

A damaging force within himself controlled by the bitter producing of life’s greatest demons and tests. A man who feared the genuine, the true, and to stand up for what deeply spoke within his heart and drove his ambitions. A type of man annihilated by a force burning him to death from a wild cold that froze even glimmers of warmth inside his heart. I was the type of man who gripped on too tight to what existed, strangling whatever was to the point of lack of breath. My grip was harsh, turning things to dust, letting them sift through my fingers. My hands callused from building walls and thwarting off intruders of love.

I was the sort of man whose heavy hands were beaten to a pulp by his attempts to grasp onto things that wanted to change, only to unfortunately find that there’s an incapability to manipulate what must shift. The agony that was created from watching the inevitable changing of things only brought more fear, more darkness, more pain.

I was that kind of man, once upon a time.

One day I chose to let go. Of everything. All that I feared, all that I adored. Everything in that moment, became much lighter. I started to believe that all would arrive in time, that love would find its way, lessons would show up at my doorstep and I could actually start to live.

I let the streamers, oh those attractive tapestries of my mind unfold as they wished, floating around the expansive room of my thoughts with freedom and grace. I started to walk with their wonderful colours appreciating their intricacies and depth. In turn, I granted myself the possibility for utilizing what was divine inside my soul. I started to talk to the heavens and for once, rather than living in steady pain, I just lived, giving up existing for something far grander.

But amongst it all, I became the sort of man that may be dripping with colour and could watch everything go. I could hold people with open palms so they were free to fly. I could grin at things that once caused me pain. My hands, notwithstanding their strength, became very gentle. I became softer. My words became deeper. My feelings became stronger. And with all that, the intensity of the looks I gave others became engulfed with passion. I stopped looking at other people and looked into them.

I used to be the kind of man who suffered endlessly.

Now, I’m the sort of man who suffers, and with that, loves deeply.

I am moving on with a full heart.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Need some more content to help you move forward with your life having your heart broken or being dumped? Try out these letting go quotes for some help. Trust me, they are good.

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The 3 Commitments Of Love

If you make these 3 commitments to somebody, make sure it’s somebody actually special and who you can throw your heart into in a relationship. Why? Because these 3 commitments are quite serious.

I am going to never know you.

Make a guarantee to never know the individual you adore. What does that really mean? I mean, every day commit to learning about them continually as if they were somebody new. Date them. Court them. Be worked up about them. The worst thing you can possibly do in a committed relationship is fall into complacency and allow for things to get uninteresting. No, you should definitely fall head over heels in love anew with the individual you like. That keeps the fire going.

I swear to never need you.

Guarantee to never need them to be anything apart from what they are. In reality true love is loving someone for exactly who they are and precisely who they aren’t. When we start to look at the individual across from us and demanding that they change fundamental things about themselves, you know that you are heading straight for difficulty when anyone starts making an attempt to manipulate who you are deep on the inside. So don’t even be that person. Instead, celebrate your likenesses and celebrate your differences. That’s how you know you have something truly special on your hands.

I swear to rock your socks off each day

Sounds a tiny bit mad, and it’s, but love is lots of fun. Love is flowery combat. Love is lively and kind. If you attempt to truly bring something new and fun to the table every time you see somebody, you can keep the levels of attraction really high and always be having a good time. Sure, there will be times where you get involved in fights, but keep the attitude of desiring to rock someones socks off every single day and you will always growing with somebody in a functioning relationship.

So make these 3 commitments to somebody special.

Who knows? Lightning could strike.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Feeling ready to make these 3 special commitments to someone? Going through a long distance relationship? Dig into these long distance quotes for some perspective on how to keep your love strong.

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Those Very Honest Moments In Broken Relationships

There are these moments during particular days where I have to be surprisingly and openly honest with myself about what I’m going through and feeling. I know when it is about to occur because I get this wave of power from the base of my neck down to my back and I feel my mood morphing and beginning to change. I once was afraid of it…the trickling feeling of water about dripping down my back. But in time I have been taught the simple way to sit with it.

What follows after is pure stillness. Deep in thought. Numb. I feel truth bubbling up to the surface.

Often we travel through life not realising that there are things under the surface. We believe that we have totally recovered or have moved on, but actually there are still pieces to the puzzle that must be put together. Perhaps Maybe it is one piece left, perhaps it is simply this moment where you have to sit right down and get quiet for the last time, or maybe it demands more of your attention.

There’s an interesting balance between moving forward and making the effort, whatever the situation may be, and starting to understand what is happening within. I believe most of the time when anyone is hurt and others recognise it they try and tell that person to pick themselves up as fast as possible and forget the past. This information, while intended to be helpful, isn’t really practical – because the same person who gave that information, in the same scenario, couldn’t possibly take it.

The soundest advice you can truly give is to truly not to forget as quickly as you can and blast forward, but to sit with whatever is going on inside. To let it all flow through you. The only way you can really understand what something really means to you, especially in a relationship, is by experiencing the result of things.

Have a truth filled moment.

Don’t run or hide from feelings that you would associate as negative. They’re life’s way of balancing you out. When you attempt to block them or manipulate them, you are putting yourself in a horrible place. Let life do what it must do in order to keep you learning and growing.

When the moment is over, then go on. Don’t try to change it while you are in it. Something is trying to talk with you. Open yourself to emotions and let them pour reason into your heart.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Need some more content to move forward with your life and recover from a relationship? Try these ex boyfriend quotes out.

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Not Everyone Likes Peaches

Somebody once said it…something like…if your value's decided by everyones compliments, then you will be annihilated by their feedback.

I didn’t really understand this quote right until recently. But now, I really get it.

I suspect this is the very first time in a long time that I've been told about someone saying bad things about me behind my back. For a second, it rocked me. For the minutes to hours after, it fueled me. I put those comments in a special place inside of me that I will go to each and every day when I need them. The truth is, inspiration is many things for many different people. Ideally you would want to set an exceedingly positive goal for yourself and work towards achieving that goal. However , the fuel we must employ might not always be clean.

Often, it might sometimes burn black.

I always talk of the balance of life…light and dark…especially within the soul, and I think that we will be able to find things within ourselves that will fuel our actions whether or not the fuel itself isn’t pure. I am of course talking about the times somebody said something harmful, hateful, rude or simply brutal in all. For some, those things can completely ruin their ambitions. To be honest, that really did happen many times with me. I didn’t have the belief in myself yet to “do it” regardless of what any person declared.

These things that people say, at the end, are not even truly about you. I know cause I have actually been on the other side. I can recollect a time when I couldn’t say good things because I hated myself. I detested that they were doing it and I couldn’t. I loathed everything about that person because they could make the sacrifices…they had the willpower…they were actually…doing what I had always dreamed about daily.

You can spend your life blaming other people and trying to bring people down because you've got a crappy life or you can focus on really loving yourself and others, something you absolutely and truly need to be a positive person and encourage others and their dreams. In the final analysis, spewing hate only tears you apart. Karma really does come around in some way and looks after proper business. Been there as well.

You are either for people or against them.

Be for others. Be for their dreams…that makes you a warm person within. Be for relationships. That cold heart you are harboring is only going to freeze harder and at last split up into tons of pieces. Hate, envy, and envy will cut you in half and you'll spend many years battling between the loving side and the terrible side. Once again, been there. Regardless of what you do, people are going to not like you for whatever reason. They are going to be rubbed the wrong way, they will really not like your hair, your eyes, your nose, your scent, your image…they will find anything. Don’t sweat it. Your true self is on course. Because nobody has ever talked trash about someone who didn't mean something to them in one way or another.

Remember that. Not everybody is going to love peaches.

So you must truly really matter to them. So much, in fact, they have been taking time out of their day to speak about you. What a distinction.

So cheers…haters…I tip my cap to you. I must be headed in the correct direction.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Need to move on? A lover talking behind your back? Try out these ex boyfriend quotes.

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Stop Hunting For Your Other Half. Instead, Try This…

Stop looking for your other half.


That probably does sound utterly contradictory to anything you’ve heard before, however searching for your “other half” unfortunately does imply that you are not actually a whole person in the first instance. It implies, that you really do not have everything inside you already that you need to live a very cheerful life. Isn’t life about actually realizing ourselves and who we are deep down within?

Instead, look for the person who will be your teammate. Look for someone that challenges you to be something greater than you’ve ever been before. Look for someone that believes in you and your vision, who is there for you when times get tough and who comes to you when they want support also. Look for someone who will walk right by your side…not your missing piece.

Because in life, things always appear and vanish. Even the amazing relationships that pass the test of time eventually end and you have to go on living your life. The individual that is going to be there for you for some considerable time would also wish that you wouldn’t be damaged to pieces when they are finally gone. So be a whole person who can love another in full. Be the best version you can be for yourself and allow another to dream with you on the way to change the world.

When you can work on yourself in life and find somebody who will do the same, then you can meet together as two entire lovers who appreciate and cherish each other. Isn’t this a far better way of going through life than thinking you are broken without someone there? Does not this open you up to significant amounts of growth and the ability to reach your total potential?

Find your teammate, you’ll be much better off. These relationships bloom.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Time to move on from an old relationship, start working on yourself, and diving into what life has to offer? Dig into these quotes about moving on for some great perspective.

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Broken Hearts & How To Move On

I always used to be that type of person that would hold on to friends, things, feelings, and circumstances too much. I would grasp at them till they couldn’t move readily around my mind and my life. I thought that if I held them tightly that it would absolutely keep them close to me. What I found on the contrary is that gripping onto things too firmly only chokes the air out of them or makes them sift through your hands like sand.

I was under the impression that holding on was the greatest sign of strength – that to prove how much you would like something you truly must keep hold of it with everything that you have. But in that , I lost parts of myself. I lost my capability to change. I didn’t give other things the chance to change much so I instead ground them into submission without letting them function readily. I came up against one certain trait of life that proved my assumed strength weak time after time – life will always change.

So I started to let go. I started to permit those beautiful and intricate portraits of memories in my mind unfold like streamers in the wind. I let them flow naturally like the waters in the streams.

When the time was right, I rolled them back up, smiled widely, and started to stare at the open and vast ocean of uncerainty in front of me.

I’m prepared.

I am finally open.

I am happy.

It’s time to move on with a full heart.

Sometimes that’s the one very hard thing for us to do isn’t it? Move on? Let relationships go? Yes, but actually leaving things and never casting looks backwards is among the strongest things which can be done. You never truly know if something will come back around again, but if it does, it was supposed to be. If it does not, you can still enjoy the present anways. Live here and now.

So let go…that’s true strength.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing the best quotes, motivational content on the web, and blogs all to one place. Need help in moving on from a broken heart? Dig into these moving on quotes and they will help you take a few steps forward in the right direction.

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